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Funny Plane Jokes

Will and Guy’s collection of funny planes, pilot jokes, cabin crew stories, and amusing pictures. Pictures of Funny Planes Funny Plane PhotosLow Flying AircraftLucky Escapes from PlanesPlane Optical Illusion Videos and PowerPoint Presentations of Amusing Planes A Difficult Landing for Will’s PlaneAirports and Airstrips with Difficult LandingsFlight 1549 – Airbus Rescue in HudsonF-15 Plane HoaxHelicopter […]

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Qantas Pilot Jokes

 Qantas JokeMore Exchanges between Qantas Pilots and their Engineers Qantas Joke? LetterUrban Myth -Qantas have never had an accident QantasJoke sent in by Nigel Morris Apparently, after every flight, Qantas pilotsfill out a form, called a ‘gripe sheet’, which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft.  The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on

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Ten Funny Plane Jokes

A funny joke is definitely a case of, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’.For that reason we have selected a variety of funny pilot jokes, that we are sure that at least one will bring a smile to your face. Ten Funny Plane Jokes Difficult LandingPilot JokeOur Friend the PilotAircrew of the MonthPre-Flight EntertainmentQantas

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Russian Air Show

Located on the shoreline of Galendzhik lake, some three hours drive from downtown Moscow, Zhukovsky Airport, once a secret test airport, is the perfect location to host the Russian Air Show: the reason is that flying boats are a major concern for Russians designers, so a large mass of water to display their impressive performances

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F-15 Plane Hoax

Aircraft crash photos revealed as hoax say Will and Guy. An United States Air Force F-15 fighter aircraft with the Missouri NationalGuard broke apart in mid-air on 2nd November 2007; the pilot escaped using hisejector seat. The following pictures appeared on the internet claiming to be actualphotographs of the F-15 breaking up. Will and Guy

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