WAP Phone Jokes

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Police Humour

Police Car Stuck in ConcreteThis Picture Shows an Even Unluckier Police carPolice Car Stolen For Police Who Distrust CarsPolice SlowYoung police officer in need of a drink?Funny Police Car? Or New Police Chariot!Funny Police Pics – Live Alligator in Car Win a Free Ride in a Police Car   1) Funny Police Car Stuck in …

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Chad on Walls and Kilroy was here

Chad on the walls, and Kilroy everywhere, two old favourites. 1) Kilroy Was Here There are numerous legends surrounding the origin of the catch phrase: ‘Kilroy was here’. What happened was that during the 1940’s a plague of graffiti appeared on walls all over Europe.  If you have a Grandfather or Uncle who lived through …

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Nature of Humour

Changing Perceptions of Humour Will and Guy are old enough to have actually lived through the evolutionof stage, club and television comedy.  We have never liked obscenejokes, sick humour, or even gratuitous insults.  However, we think thatthe current trend for sanitizing content lest it offends someone, isbeginning to stifle creativity in humour and comedy.  For …

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Out takes Jokes

A foul-mouthed Royal Navy parrot was locked up when a defence chief visited a warship because officers feared its language would offend him. But Sunny, an 18-month old African Grey, refused to be gagged andlet out a string of expletives from an annexe to the officers’mess.The outburst was clearly audible during a flying visit to …

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Out Takes Home

This section contains stuff that I have been sent, but for one reason or another I have not published on the main site. Sensitive mortals may be offended.  You have been warned. Outtakes Jokes Outtakes List Outtakes Pictures Outtakes Videos Outtakes PPT Outtakes Bush

Out takes Jokes

Look at picture first, then read!!!!! These are signs in Japanese metro trains, ‘Priority seatsfor…………….’from left to right: 1. personwith injured arm2. person holding a child3. pregnant woman4. person with injured leg Not at all what I thought !!!________________________________________

NatWest Jokes

Mystery Letter from NatWest On Friday March 3rd I received a letter signed by Richard Johnson of NatWest’s retail banking.  His address: Uxbridge Square, Menai Bridge, Anglesey My Concern My concern is that as far as I know, there is no account in the name used by NatWest on this letter.  Moreover, we are on …

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Funny Chinese Jokes

Here is Will and Guy’s collection of short Chinese jokes to reflect the humour of this ancient culture. Chinese Jokes and Funny StoriesChinese Humour, Parables and Tall StoriesTraditional Chinese Sense of HumourMore Funny Chinese Jokes and Amusing PicturesHow Many Faces Are There in This Chinese Tree?Chinese New Year Stories Chinese Short StoriesMore Chinese Short JokesChinese …

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