NatWest Jokes

Mystery Letter from NatWest

On Friday March 3rd I received a letter signed by Richard Johnson of NatWest's retail banking.  His address: Uxbridge Square, Menai Bridge, Anglesey My Concern My concern is that as far as I know, there is no account in the name used by NatWest on this letter.  Moreover, we are on the Mail Preference Service, so it would be an offence to send unsolicited letters to our address. To be fair to NatWest To be fair to NatWest, our business does have a NatWest account.  However, Richard Johnson's letter was not addressed to our business, moreover we already subscribe to the service that was the main thrust of the letter. Jobsworth Response from NatWest When I phoned the number quoted in the letter, of the 7 different operators I was passed to, none had heard of Richard Johnson, who is the signatory on the letter. What hurt me was the attitude of these jobsworths.  No one cared. no one could see that it was a problem that NatWest were ostensibly sending out letters from people who did not exist, and addressing these letters to people who did not have an account with NatWest. I publish this letter in the hope or eliciting a response to NatWest

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