Cat Jokes

cat jokes

Four Cats Story

The Four Cats! On Coffee Break? Return of the Four Cats Smokey goes under cover   The Four Cats! T-Square, Spreadsheet, Measure and Coffee Break Four men were bragging about how smart their cats were.  The first man was an Engineer, the second an Accountant, the third a Chemist and the fourth man was a …

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Cat Jokes

The cat could very well be man’s best friend, but would never stoop to admitting it. Doug Larson Funny Cat Jokes Two Funny Cat Jokes Ten Funny, Clean, Short Cat Jokes Cat and Chess How To Give a Cat a Pill Cats Sleep Anywhere Two Funny Cat Jokes Two female cats are sitting on the …

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Funny Cat Pictures

How you behave toward cats here below, will determine your status in heaven. Robert A. Heinlein Funny Cat Pictures and Stories Cat Walks Through the Valley of Death Cat Nap? Cat Adopts Bird Cat Gets the Cream Cat, Bear or Godzilla? Cat’s Diary Cat and Mouse Catfish? No – Cat Fish! How To Give a …

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Cat Stories | Ode to Tyrone

For a man to truly understand rejection, he must first be ignored by a cat. Ode to Tyrone Delightful Story of A Cat Swimming True Cat Story From Wales Ode to Tyrone By Charlene Wexler Tyrone, you are the greatest contortionist I’ve ever met. I can watch you change positions in your feline sleep for …

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Funny Cat Sayings

Will and Guy’s quotes about cats researched from comedians, literature and films. I got rid of my husband. The cat was allergic. Top Ten Fascinating, Funny Sayings About Cats Are You a Cat Person? Funny Cats’ Sayings (and a Few Dogs’)   Our Top Ten Fascinating, Funny Sayings About Cats There is no snooze button …

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