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children jokes

School Pun List

Will and Guy each have considerable experience of classroom teaching.Will says a little humour makes it easy to control a class.  Guy sayscollecting pupil’s unintentional puns was what kept him sane. Will’s School Pun ListGuy’s School Pun ListGoldenRule of Teaching – Know your PupilsModern Homework Excuse   Will’s School Pun List The fattest knight at […]

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School Jokes

Here is Will and Guy’s diverse collection of amusing excuses, schoolboyhowlers, and funny teachers’ tales. Funny School Jokes: Topics on This Page Out of the Mouths of SchoolChildrenTouchéTeacher’s MagnetismWhat Happened to Jonah?Dylan at the Supermarket More Funny School Jokes on Other Pages Back to School JokesFunny Excuse NotesHistory JokesResumés- Funny JobApplicationsSchoolboy HowlersApril Fool’sDay JokesSchool Answering

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Kids Jokes and Children’s Stories

Will and Guy’s collection of jokes, one-liners and stories about children and for children. 10 Short Funny Children’s JokesAmuse KidsChild’s Letter to GodChildren’s AdviceChildren’s MischiefMother Knows BestNaughty Kids VideoOut of Mouths of ChildrenOut of the Mouths of BabesProverbs by 6-year oldsRepel TeensSisterly LoveSchool JokesStupid BoysWindscreen   Children’s Humour Mary climbed on Dave’s “Stagecoach” bus with

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Teachers Tales

What was Camelot famous for?  Its knight life! History and Maths LessonHistory LessonTeacher’s Excuse NotesSchoolboy HowlersWill Richard Notice?  – Funny Pupil TaleSome Funny Teachers’ TalesWhat My Mother Taught Me (Good)   Adoption Explained Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different hair

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Christmas Jokes for Kids | Xmas Riddles for Children

Here is Will and Guy’s collection of the Christmas jokes especially selected to appeal to children. Christmas RiddlesChildren’s Christmas Cracker JokesFunny Kids Christmas StoriesChristmas Jokes for Grown UpsFunniest Christmas JokesMore Christmas Jokes For Kids   Christmas Riddles What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?Frostbite.What type of candle burns longer?None, they

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