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Funny Pictures

Funny pictureHumor is a wonderful antidote to a bad hair day.  Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself.

However, if laughter fails here is the answer: have a nice drink.

One of Will and Guy's
goals is to create a website with a variety of humour and that extends to our choice of amusing images.funny image

How would you like to have a beast such as this Emu appear at your window?  Scary image.

funny imageTalking of animals popping up unexpectedly, a good job they cannot read - or spell!

Now for some more clean funny pictures

Here is a good old fashioned cartoon.

cartoon joke

Stop Looking at My Bottom!

It all begins with the aptly named 'innocent smoothie carton'

Stop Looking at My Bottom

Now let us examine the small print on the bottom!

Stop Looking at My Bottom

Will and Guy cannot help thinking of the phrase: 'Does my bum look big in

Crazy Football?

funny football picture

I felt a lump in my mouth as the ball went in
Terry Venables

The last player to score a hat-trick in a cup final was Stan Mortenson.
He even had a final named after him, the Matthews final
Lawrie McMenemy

A Joke Picture?

One out of four people are mentally unbalanced

Signs are a great source of funny images

Is this station on your line?

free clean pictures

Unnecessary sign produces a funny picture

funny picture sign

Would You Laugh, or Cry?

Concrete Lorry

Poor lorry driver, he also has the problem of the ready-mix concrete gumming up his lorry.

Example of Engrish

Japanese try English translation '
For Restroom'
.  Do you laugh or cry, or both!

engrish amusing picture

We would have liked to include more images on this bumper page, but unfortunately, the '
load time'
is getting on the high side, however, here is where you can see more Funny

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