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Funny People Jokes

Will and Guy are always amazed at the funny, strange and sometimes downright weird, antics of people. We hope to record their adventures on our site to entertain and amuse you and perhaps make you laugh. Here is our latest selection. Funny Entertainers Homer Simpson Horn Player Mime Mickey Mouse Piano Playing with Tennis Balls …

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Up-Helly-Aa Jokes

What people remember most about the Up-Helly-Aa celebration is Viking warriors burning their longship.  Most of the men of Lerwick (900+) are involved in preparing for the big night by building the ships and organizing the procession. You may wonder: ‘Where in the world is Lerwick?’  No, it’s not in Scandinavia, Lerwick is the capital …

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Funny Stairlift Animation

Funny Stairlift Animation Notice of Take Staircase A Geography Lesson to Remember Another Climb – Not What They Expected Wonderful Ride   Stairlift Animation Will and Guy rarely provide links to other sites, but this is where Stairlift came from Animations More Funny Stairs See our collection of amazing staircases Notice of Take Staircase Please …

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Piano Jokes, Stories and Quotes

Piano Man – True Story Piano Quotes Piano Jokes   Piano Man Paul Nelson and Andrew Hunter, with piano, atop Ben Nevis.  Picture: John Muir Trust/PA Standing at 1,344 metres high (or 4,408 feet) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles. A volunteer squad of litter collectors from the John Muir Trust …

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Funny George W. Bush Moments

We find George W Bush personally likeable and part of that appeal lies in his interpersonal skills, his verbal gaffes and his tendency to jumble words, some of which we offer to our readers here.  None is meant as a political comment. Hilarious Bushisms Funny Bush Moments George W. Bush Monument Committee The Politics of …

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Jackson jokes

Here is a page of our free, clean funny Jackson jokes.  Truly, this site is the origin of ‘Jackson Jokes’, simply because we know the Jackson in ‘Jackson’s Jokes’.  We love his funny short stories and share them with you. Jackson is a man from Portsmouth. He was a professional fisherman before retiring. He has …

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