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funny people

Cranky People – Zany Madcap Ideas

True cranks are regarded part with suspicion, part with awe. Perhaps everyone has an idea which others regard as madcap or screwball. Will and Guy are building a dossier of cranky, zany and madcap people. Cranky People In England Four Casualties Instead of One Cranky Entrepreneurs Quotes About Cranky People The Cranky Person Who Lives …

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Hilarious Video Clip Grandma flying

These two videos are dedicated to grandmas everywhere.  Whether it’s coping with parachuting or dealing with ignorant motorists, it is good to see that age is no barrier to success. Grandma Flying Hilarious Video Clip Granny and the motorist June Funny Pictures Home   Grandma takes the leap from the plane Is Grandma waving?  Or …

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Sad little girl Video Clip

1) Here is a little girl being helpful 2) Mummy looks on proudly 3) The little girl sings as she scrubs Check out our sad video clip and see what the little girl did. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow to start the video. N.B. Help for Mozilla …

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Mickey Mouse Tomato

Mickey Mouse Tomato The ‘Real’ Mickey Mouse Looks On….. Ouch! Mickey Mouse Tomato A Chinese man bought a Mickey Mouse-shaped tomato from his local market. Chen Guoping, of Dongzhuangqiao village, Zhejiang province, bought the 150-gram tomato. ‘It looks so much like a mouse head that I bought it without hesitation. It looks very funny,’ he …

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Funny Bath Pictures

Last one out of the bath is a Sissy Are you in the wrong job?   Last one out of the bath is a Sissy I have seen some dares in my time, but never anything like this.  Perhaps we should include the event in our alternative Olympics section? Sissy My Aunty would approve of …

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Balloon Man Lawn Chair Man

Balloon Man Larry Walters; Soared to Fame on Lawn Chair Balloon Man Bend gas station owner Kent Couch settled down in his lawn chair [garden recliner for UK readers] with some drinks and snacks and a parachute and no seat belt.  Attached to the lawn chair were 105 balloons of various colours, each 4 feet …

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