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Last one out of the bath is a Sissy

Last one out of the bath is a sissy

I have seen some dares in my time, but never anything like
this.  Perhaps we should include the event in our alternative Olympics section?


My Aunty would approve of the word 'Sissy',
whereas she would berate me if I used one of the numerous
ruder alternatives.  Actually, for the above dare, no other word quite captures the essence of the challenge.

Sissy does seem an exclusively male adjective.  Even the dictionary refers to: A
timid boy considered childish or unassertive.  Synonyms: Pansy, or the archaic milksop.

You in the Wrong Job?

We have never seen this funny picture in the flesh.  Could the image be a fake?  Or does such art exist?

Please send us your pictures of any similar funny kiosks.

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