April Fools Day

april fools day

April Fool’s Day Jokes

Day Jokes and Stories There is something special about April Fool’s day morning.  Get into the mood, review past master-pieces then get ideas for a really good practical joke. 2012 April Fools Hoaxes 2011 April Fools Hoaxes 2010 April Fools Hoaxes 2009 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes April Fool’s Day Hoaxes April Fool’s Day Pranks April …

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April Fool Computer Pranks

Computer pranks are only funny if you are in the right mood.  The extra factor on ‘All Fool’s Day’, is that the victim too has to be in the right mood for the hoax. Top Ten April Fools Computer Pranks April Fools Day  Pranks for the Office Virus Warning April Fools Day Pranks from the …

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