Funny Stairlift Animation



Stairlift Animation

Funny stairlift animation

Will and Guy rarely provide links to other
sites, but this is where Stairlift came from


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Notice of Take StaircaseTrick lampost

Notice of Take Staircase
  • Please don't ambulate in the staircase
  • Strictly prohibit bestride staircase
  • See more funny Engrish signs

A Geography Lesson to Remember

Apparently Geography, as a subject, is not very popular in the UK's secondary
schools [age 11-18], according to reports in the press in January 2008. This
concerns Will and Guy for the following reason:

A party of University geography undergraduates was on a climbing and walking
holiday in the French Pyrenees.

After several hours they realised that they were hopelessly lost. One of them
studied the map for some considerable time, turning it up and down, sighting on
distant landmarks, consulting his compass, and finally the sun.

Eventually he said, 'OK see that big mountain over there?'

'Yes,' chorused the others eagerly.

'Well, according to the map, we're standing on top of it.'

Another Climb - Not What
They Expected

Erosion made climb not what once was

Wonderful Ride

Do you remember that stairlift at the top of the page?  Well, you can
enjoy these rides in Las Vegas, USA, at the Stratosphere Hotel

Stratosphere Hotel Rides

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