Russian Air Show

Located on the shoreline of Galendzhik lake, some three hours drive from downtown Moscow, Zhukovsky Airport, once a secret test airport, is the perfect location to host the Russian Air Show: the reason is that flying boats are a major concern for Russians designers, so a large mass of water to display their impressive performances was considered a must.

Antanov An-70

Russian Airshow Antanov An-70 Not only is this a chance to see the extremely refined stage of Russian aircraft design, but also to watch live and much closer than you could ever do in the west, since European safety regulations concerning flight displays over civilian audiences do not apply in Russia. So get ready for the noise and the blast, and be welcome to Zhukovsky for the 2007 Russian Industry Air Show.

Antanov An-225

Antanov An-225 Russian Air Show

Beriev Be-976

Beriev Be976

Myasischev VM-T Atlant

Myasischev VM-T Atlant

PowerPoint Presentation of the 2007 Russian Air Show

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