Circle Optical Illusion

Will and Guy love ‘playing’ mind games with these circles.  Take the time to sit back and let the primeval parts of your brain take over. I find it difficult to get my head around these 4 perfectly round circles. Ferris Wheel – Another Circle Optical Illusion This reminds Will and Guy of the London …

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3D Optical Illusions | Devil’s Tuning Fork

3-Dimensional illusions cleverly created by draughtsmen.  These are a collection of impossible objects. 3-Dimensional ColumnsDevil’s Tuning Fork3-Dimensional DoorPenrose Triangle3-D Tongue and GrooveCool Optical Illusion   3-Dimensional Columns Do you see round columns, or square?  How does the draughtsman do that? Devil’s Tuning Fork Question: Does the rod in the middle really exist? This perception illusion …

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