Will and Guy love ‘playing’ mind games with these circles.  Take the time to sit back and let the primeval parts of your brain take over.

Circle optical illusion

I find it difficult to get my head around these 4 perfectly round circles.

Ferris Wheel – Another Circle Optical Illusion

Funny Eye Jokes

This reminds Will and Guy of the London Eye.  It’s truly mesmerising the way that the blobs or pin-heads seem to rotate clockwise.  While
our brain tells us they are still, our eyes are telling us that there is a circular motion.

Neat Swirly Circles

Circle optical illusion

Lego Wheel Illusion

Circle optical illusion - Big dipper

Can you see this wheel turning?  Guy cannot, but Will says it’s turning clockwise.

Parallel line – Classic optical illusion

Parallel line illusion

The middle, red lines are truly parallel, it’s the radiating lines that cause the illusion of bending.

Trick Photos

Devil’s Tuning Fork

Devils Tuning Fork - 3D Illusion

Do you think that the central rod really exist? This particular 3-D illusion is known as the ‘Devil’s Tuning Fork’.

Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

Einstein or Monroe
Einstein or Monroe Illusion

The trick to this illusion is to take a step backwards.  Guy needed to go back 15 feet before I could see Marilyn.

Footnote: Joy Scudder kindly sent these amazing photos, please send us your circle illusion.