3-Dimensional illusions cleverly created by draughtsmen.  These are a
collection of
impossible objects.


3-Dimensional Columns

3 Dimensional Columns

Do you see round columns, or square?  How does the draughtsman do

Devil’s Tuning Fork

3 Dimensional Rods

Question: Does the rod in the middle really exist?
This perception illusion is often called the ‘Devil’s Tuning Fork’.

3-Dimensional Door

Is this door opening inwards?  Or is the top opening out towards us?

3 Dimensional Door - Opening inwards?

3-D Optical Illusion – Beams

One beam seems to disappear in the middle.

3 Cross

An impossible object is a type of optical illusion where your brain
interprets a two dimensional object as though it exists in 3-D, even though
it is not geometrically possible for such an object to actually exist.

3-D Tongue and Groove Optical Illusion

3-D Tongue and Groove

The clever draughtsman has made the ‘tongue’ disappear.

3-D Classic Rectangle

3-Dimensional Illusion

The father of such impossible optical illusions is Oscar Reutersvärd (1915–2002).
It was he who first drew what would become known as the Penrose Triangle,
see below.

Penrose Triangle

3D Penrose Triangle

Now or a Different Optical Trick

Whirl Illusion

Swirl Illusion


Gaze at the middle one of the circles.  That circle stops rotating, but
your periferal vision sees the other circles spinning – eerie.

note: the above whirl image is not animated.

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