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Eau de Stilton

Stilton has launched a blue cheese perfume.  Will it catch on?  The makers of the famously smelly Stilton blue cheese have produced their own perfume. Pictures that stink - Eau de Stilton

The face of Eau de Stilton - Cat Deeley

Apparently they manufacturers have asked Cat Deeley to be the face for their Eau de Stilton. The makers say that: 'Eau de Stilton recreates the earthy and fruity aroma of the cheese, in an eminently wearable perfume'.The face of Eau de Stilton - Cat Deeley The perfume is blended by a Manchester-based aromatics company and includes a ' symphony of natural base notes including yarrow, angelica seed, clary sage and valerian' . It was commissioned by the Stilton Cheese makers' Association (SCA) as part of a campaign to persuade more people to eat their product. Nigel White, of the SCA, dismissed the suggestions that it might not be the most alluring of scents.' Blue Stilton cheese has a very distinctive, mellow aroma and our perfumier was able to capture the key essence of that scent and recreate it in what is an unusual but highly wearable perfume, 'he said.' While we don't have quite as generous a budget as some of her other endorsements, we would love Miss Deeley to be the face of Eau de Stilton and look forward to hearing what she thinks of the scent.'

Fragrance of Play-Doh

Play-Doh perfume Original Product Funny Play-doh

Strange, Funny, Odd, Yet Popular Perfumes in the USA Chocolate Perfume

In Brooklyn, New York, USA, Will and Guy have discovered a small shop which specialises in strange, funny and odd perfumes. It is owned and run by a perfumer named, Mr Christopher Brosius.  Mr Brosius can titillate your olfactory organ with the following amazing smells: a) The smell of rubber - the intoxicating odour of an inner tube. b) A wet pavement. c) Burning leaves may tickle your fancy. d) A clear liquid reminding one of schooldays - blue ink smell. e) Roast beef, we are told is "startlingly revolting". If these don't take your fancy then he can further excite your hooter with: i. Crème brulée ii. Sugar cookie iii. Or smells from the library which include: 1st Edition, Russian and Moroccan Leather Will and Guy would be amazed if by now you haven't found a favourite, but Mr Brosius takes us further with: a) Wet garden b) A funeral parlour c) The smell of dirt d) A must like smell e) A hint of wood polish.

Further Revolting, Unusual Purchasable Smells

In researching this strange rather topic we have found that some people buy fragrances that are quite unusual and in some cases positively repulsive:
  1. How would you like Burger-King perfume?
  2. There is a smell named Republican perfume and we are assured that a Democrat and Independent smell is also couldn't make these up.
  3. Whale vomit fragrance has proved popular in some homes - though why we cannot explain.
  4. Untested by us ; the Kiss fragrance can be bought online, so we believe.
The Price of Smells

The Price of Smells The Price of Smells

Science suggests that we, as humans, are able to distinguish some 10,000 different odours - incredible. The most expensive perfume on the market is something that you may well wish to know about. We have found that the most expensive smelly that is commercially available is Clive Christian No1 and can be bought at Harrods, London and other select retailers. Some 100 bottles are made each year and a 1oz bottle will set you back £1,260 [$ 1800 USD]. You might prefer to purchase it in a limited edition Baccarat crystal bottle with an 18 carat gold, diamond adorned collar. This can be in your hand for £115,000 [ $172,00 USD approx] - you better be quick because only 10 bottles have been made. Footnote: Please send us your 'Pictures that Stink!'

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