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Sign in a podiatrist office window: 'Time wounds all heels.'



 Funny Podiatrist's

Podiatrists used to be called 'Chiropodists' especially in England.

funny chiropodists feet

Medical people who specialise in feet have a variety of names, chiropodist,
podiatrist or foot doctor.

Funny Podiatrist Jokes

  • Did you hear about the American podiatrist and the English
    They were arch rivals.Elf, Santa - health and safety
  • Santa's sledge broke down on Christmas Eve.  He flagged down a
    passing motorist and asked, 'Can you help me fix my sledge?' 'Sorry,'
    the motorist replied. 'I'm not a mechanic - I'm a podiatrist.''Well', said Santa, 'can you give me a toe?'
  • When you are on good terms with your dermatologist, ask this
    question: "When you started your practice, did you start from scratch?"
  • Be careful when you eat spoiled Toe-fu, you may get Toe-mane
    poisoning !
    Kindly sent in by Robert Lai.

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How Smart is Your Right Foot?

This is so frustrating! Give it a go This is so funny/weird that it will boggle your mind.  And if you are anywhere near as stubborn as I am, you will keep trying at least a few more times to see if you can
outsmart your foot, but you can't.

1) While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2) Now, while doing this, draw the number '6'
in the air with your right hand.

3) Your foot will change direction. I told you so. And, there's
nothing you can do about it! Go ahead: KEEP TRYING ALL YOU WANT.

Have a great day. Now get back to work.Funny Podiatrist jokes

Out of the Mouths of Babes:

Greg, the three year old, put his shoes on by himself. His father, Barry, noticed that the left shoe was on the right foot and vice-versa. He sat Greg down on a chair and said quietly, 'Greg, your shoes
are on the wrong feet.'

He looked up at his father with a quizzical expression and replied, 'Don't
mess me about, Dad, I know they're my feet.'

Feet Funnies

What's the condition called when all your toes go to sleep?

What do you call toes that smell?
Ans: Hali-to-sis.

Usually, our noses smell and use our feet to run. But, if you turn it
around, it still makes sense:  Noses run and feet smell.

Shoe Problem?

One evening after work John drove his secretary home after she was unable to start her car.  Not wanting to bother his wife, Maureen, he decided not to mention it to her.

Later that night John and
Maureen were driving out to eat when the John spotted a high-heeled shoe hidden under the passenger seat.  Pointing to something out the passenger window to distract his wife, he picked up the shoe and tossed it
out of his window.

They arrived at the restaurant a short time later and were about to get out of the car when Maureen enquired, 'John, have you seen my other shoe?'

True Newspaper Headline


Kindly sent in by Jim Wise
(See more funny newspaper

Boots Are Made For Walking ...

Shoes queuing - Boots made for walking?

But shoes are made for queueing!

[Kindly sent in by John Reeves]

Family Feet BusinessWill and Guy's funny pictures - podiatrists feet

I once heard a true story of a family firm who cornered the feet market.  One brother sold shoes, each shoe had a
hidden fatal flaw.  As a direct result the victim's
feet needed treatment with the second brother, who was the only podiatrist in town.

Legend had it that the podiatrist was so incompetent that the only
way the victim could get home was in a taxi.  You're ahead of me now, the third brother had the only taxi firm for miles around.

Stop Press

Hospital is Sued by 7 Foot Doctors

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