Unusual Christmas Trees Decorated

Not everyone has a traditional conifer as their tree at Christmas time.

Will and Guy have searched the net to bring you some quite different and
alternative styles of decorated Christmas tree.  We hope they may bring a smile to your face.



Unusual Spinning
Optic Christmas Tree

Unusual Spinning Christmas Tree

Revolving Christmas Tree

Revolving Christmas Tree

Will's Unusual
Christmas Tree

Pictures of funny Christmas trees

Guy's Curiously
Decorated Christmas Tree

Revolving Christmas Tree

You too could build a modern Christmas tree like mine!

Will's amazing
PowerPoint Presentation:
Unusual Christmas Trees

Contents of Unusual Christmas Trees Presentation

  • Will's Decorated Christmas Tree
  • Here are more trees created from bottles
  • Spinning Optic Christmas Tree
  • Revolving Christmas Tree
  • This Tree is PC friendly
  • An Arch Around the Fire
  • The Tree of Tyres
  • This tree is created using tea lights
  • A Book Christmas Tree
  • Another Literary Tree
  • The Detritus Christmas Tree
  • The Garbage Tree

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Unusual Christmas Tree in 2009 --->  Common Place
Christmas Tree in the 2010s?

Christmas Tree Mat
Christmas Tree Mat

Has the above structure been abandoned by a green doormat salesman?
Sadly, it's the work of the Health (elf?) and Safety committee in Poole,
Dorset, England.

Official speak says it's wonderful because, it has no trunk therefore it
won't blow over on street traders.  There are no branches to break off
and land on someone's head, no pine needles to poke a passer-by in the eye,
no decorations for drunken teenagers to steal and no angel, presumably
because it would need a dangerously long ladder to place it at the top.

For as long as people in Poole could remember they had a lovely genuine
Norwegian fir, which was tastefully decorated in coloured lights at a cost of
about £500.  In contrast the green doormat tree cost not £1,400 as we
first thought but a whopping £14,000.

After dark it displays fairy lights and has built-in speakers to play
Christmas carols, but 95% of the Poole residents preferred the traditional

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Angels Come in Many Disguises!

Monkey Christmas Tree

Here is one of those pictures of unusual Christmas trees where you can
devise your own caption.

  • I love my Christmas tree. (Will)
  • Is there a monkey puzzle tree under there somewhere? (Guy)
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    artificial Xmas trees.

Upside Down Christmas Trees Are Fun

Upside down Christmas Trees

Will and Guy's idea behind an upside down Christmas trees is
so that you can get more presents under the tree!  Check out the size of the chair so that you can get an idea of the scale.

However, the truth is somewhat different.  The tradition of the
Christmas tree began as a communal celebration, not with a tree in
everyone's home, but with one tree in the town square.  As such, the
tree was decorated, then suspended upside-down by its trunk from a cable
stretched across the square.  This was symbolic and widely visible,
furthermore, the orientation maintained the tree's color longer than placing
it upright.  (Extra information supplied by John Wall)

Merry Christmas from Will and Guy,


Have a great Christmas

Christmas Arch
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