Springboard accident video

Springboard Accident Video

The key question with this springboard accident video is: could it be a fake, or is it for real? On first viewing we thought that it was faked.  However, frame by frame analysis leads us to believe that this is a genuine springboard accident. Have a look at the video of the gymnast on the springboard and make up our mind.

1) Springboard takeoff

Springboard Accident The springs (ringed) do look as though they are coming away from the launch pad - an accident waiting to happen.

2) Springs breaking on takeoff

Springboard broken takeoff For proper analysis we need to see another jumper on the launch pad.

Swimming in the air - Amazing video footage

Swimming in the air If you look at this and the next few video frames it does look as though the gymnast really is swimming in the air.  There is nothing that we can see that looks fake about this springboard misfortune.

Video Clip Showing Gymnast Landing

Swimming in the air There is nothing contrived about the landing.  If this springboard accident was a fake, we may see a second camera and blood, but it just looks like a lucky escape.  Key point, the springboard accident video looks to underplay rather than overplay the accident.

Broken springboard springs

Springboard springs Check out the springboard accident video clip and see what really happened.  Was it a genuine accident, or is it a clever fake?

Sears Springboard

Whilst this video was not taken during the Olympic games, it does look like an important international gymnastic competition.

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