Pictures of funny events Parking pictures for June

Situation: A street in England, where we drive on the left.  There is a tiny parking space.

1) A dark car tries to park legally, by reversing into the space in front of the shops

Man tries to park a car

2) A white car comes screaming into shot - note skid marks

White car skids into parking space

3) Now you can clearly see the skid marks. Also see the reddish car moving away.

Amazing parking video - free download Parking pictures that amazed Will and Guy - Funny Car Video Clips. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video. N.B. Help for Mozilla browsers

Free video download - Parking  (Right Click save target As)


No Parking Yourself Picture kindly sent in by Maurice O'Brien.  We would love to see how those busy workmen moved that parked van!

No Parking?

No Parking - Parking

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