Mardis Gras Jokes

Mardi Gras: Another Level of Partying

Mardi Gras parties have long been considered one of the most amazing
carnival spectacles known to humanity. With revelers dressed in an
unbelievable array of costumes and onlookers celebrating as fiercely as the
revelers themselves, Mardi Gras parties are a spectacle to be beheld!
Whether you're attending the festivities to see the parade floats, or you're
in it for the full celebration experience, a
costume is an absolute necessity
of Mardi Gras participants. The more spectacular, the better!

From ethnic dances, to performers in traditional costumes dancing to ward
off evil spirits, Mardi Gras has it all! Mardi Gras parties and celebrations
have some of the most amazing costumes, dancers, and performances worldwide.
Traditionally, each site participating in Mardi Gras presents their best
revelers to give attendants a good show. In fact, the shows are so
spectacular that the
Rio de Janeiro festival has often been billed as "the
greatest show on earth." Rio's annual spectacle is estimated to generate 250,000 jobs and over
$640 million in revenue for travel accommodations such as hotels, bars, and
restaurants. This means that Mardi Gras is not only a massive cultural
event, but is also an effective economic stimulus.

With a massive parade, float riders tossing parade throws, traditional
Mardi Gras Parade Krewes, exclusive Mardi Gras balls, and millions of
ecstatic onlookers, Carnival is a celebration to remember! While Mardi Gras
parties are traditionally a family event, a good deal of adults are working
hard to make it an adult-only event. Some adults-only Mardi Gras parties amp
up the event with alcohol and inappropriate behavior, but there are plenty
that keep it family friendly and an event everyone can enjoy! The
celebration is coming! Get a costume and head out to a Mardi Gras party near

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