Funny Street Signs

These funny street signs make Will and Guy ponder: 'Who made the decision to compose these notices?'

Dumb Woman's Lane

Dumb Woman

Incongruous Flood and No Footway Signs

Silly flood warningNo Footway - Funny Sign It never rains, but it pours.

The Last Word in No Parking Signs

No Parking for Ships

Never Mind - Keep on Drinking to the Bitter End

Bitter End

Sign-writer Had One Beer To Many?

A local resident snapped this photo (left) in Chadderton before council workers came back to correct their mistake. A spokesman for Oldham Council told us, 'a genuine error was made by staff'. Chadderton is about 7 miles north of Manchester, England.
Funny Upside-down sign

Silly Street Signs in and Around TownSilly Left Turn

No Entry to This Street?  - And Two Way Traffic?

No entry sign This confusing combination of signs reminds Guy of driving in Spain, every side-street seemed 'No Entry'; the signs conspired to lock me into the city centre.

Perhaps This Sign Clarifies Traffic in This Street

Street Sign Maybe not!

Here is Another Funny Street Sign that Defies Logic

Entrance only - do not enter! A classic stupid notice.  Will and Guy muse, how much do sign-writers mistakes cost the economy?

Chichester Tales

Dunstan's Choice The naming of new streets is the responsibility of the parish council of the area in which the street occurs. However it is usual for developers to put forward their preferred names, which, if fitting, are agreed by the councilManhole Cover - Street Signs One of the most unusual tales concerning the source of street names must be that of the small estate of detached houses that were built in a Georgian style on the site of the former gravel workings off The Drive in Summersdale. Apparently the authority had received no reply to their letters asking for suggestions of names so, when the day of the committee meeting to consider these matters arrived, a council officer rang the site to request the names. Allegedly it was a hot day and Mr Dunstan, the site foreman who took the call, had more pressing matters to deal with, he looked out of his site office window where Messrs Harberton's lorry was delivering cast iron drainage goods from the well known firm of Stanton and Staveley Ltd. He quickly reeled off four names, Harberton Crescent, Staveley Gardens, Stanton Drive and Dunstan Close. The names were taken down and that evening adopted by the Committee, it was some time before their significance was realised but by that time Chichester had possibly the only streets in the United Kingdom named after a load of manhole covers. [Kindly sent in by Ken Green]

Out of Town Funny Street Signs

Obey This Sign

Obey This Sign

Secret Bunker - Not any more!

I thought we British were good at intelligence!  Perhaps this is all a fiendish plot designed in the secret bunker to confuse the enemy? Funny Picture of a Nuclear Bunker See more funny pictures of road signs in the UK

A Town Worth Visiting

Talent only half a mile

Whitebeam 'No Parking' TreeNo Parking Tree

A newly discovered species of tree has been named 'No Parking'. What happened was the National Museum of Wales set about finding new species, or sub-species of trees. They discovered a new whitebeam and named it 'Sorbus no parking'. The team did not confine their search to Wales and they found this new tree growing in a layby at Watersmeet in North Devon, UK.  As this was a layby, a local official had once nailed a 'No Parking' sign to the trunk of this particular tree. When they listed the no parking whitebeam in Watsonia, the official journal of the Botanical Society of the British Isles, they chickened out and called it Sorbus admonitor (Admonish tell-off). Two anniversaries coincided with this search for new species in March 2009, the bicentenary of Charles Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his seminal work 'Origin of the Species' in 1859.

Silly Plaque

Nothing happened Footnote: Please send us your funny street signs

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