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What's the difference between a stork and lawyer? A stork knows how to control his bill.

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Interesting Facts About Storks

Will and Guy ponder: 'What started the myth that the stork brought babies to their parents?'   We can imagine an old midwife being called out for an urgent confinement.  As she hurries along she notices a White Stork flying in the direction that she was heading.  When she entered the mother's bedroom the baby had already arrived, she thought whimsically, it was that stork who delivered this baby.

Beautiful Stork Love Story

Vets who saved a female stork, shot by hunters in Croatia, thought her days were numbered but did not take into account the devotion of her mate, Will and Guy can report. The vets knew the female, which they called Malena, would never fly again but put her back on her nest thinking she would not survive the winter. When her partner, named Rodan, flew south with their young they expected that she would eventually die and certainly never mate again.Stork Love Story Their predictions were proved wrong after the Vokic family, where she had a nest, helped to feed her through the long winter months and she survived. Perhaps, even more amazingly, Rodan has returned every year to mate with his partner and rear another clutch of chicks. Rodan flies 13,000 kilometres to South Africa, each year, to spend winter in the warm and then the same distance back again to be back with his injured love. A local told Will and Guy, 'She was shot in 1993 by Italians - but she didn't die and was handed over to our vet. He saved her life but was crippled and had lost her ability to fly. The damage was too severe. Her lover is amazing; this year when he arrived from South Africa, where he spent the winter, despite the fact that he had travelled 13,000 kilometres he immediately made love to Malena. It was clear they were pleased to see each other. As she can't fly Rodan teaches the little ones to fly and accompanies them to the south every season.' Brilliant tale.

More Fascinating Facts and Stork Trivia

Did You Know?
  • There are about 100,000 White Storks in Poland, so no wonder it's their national bird.  Equally unsurprisingly, when the cold winter arrives in Eastern Europe, the storks fly down to Africa for an extended winter holiday.
  • When storks' eggs hatch, the young are called goslings rather than chicks.
  • There are 19 species of stork.  They range from about 60cm (2ft) to more than 150cm (5ft) in height.
  • They are large, graceful birds with long-legs and long-necks. All or part of the head and upper neck may be bare of feathers and is often brightly coloured.
  • Typically the bill is straight, however wood storks have curved bills. Open-billed storks have a curved opening to the bill that allows them to prize the flesh from snails and mussels.
  • Most storks are found in tropical Africa and Asia, with two species living in Europe and three New World species (found between Florida and Argentina). One migratory species, the black-necked stork, also occurs in Australia.
  • They live in wetland habitats in tropical or warm temperate areas.
  • Most storks are highly carnivorous, feeding on a range of small animals, such as frogs, fish and even birds, caught in shallow water and fields. Some, including the African marabou stork and the Indian adjutant stork, feed primarily on carrion.
  • They use a range of foraging strategies, from sitting and waiting (using their vision to hunt), to actively probing the water or soil to feel for prey.
  • Storks lack of a fully developed syrinx (vocal organ), but some of them hiss or clatter their bills loudly when excited. They fly with neck outstretched and legs trailing with an alternating flapping and soaring flight. They are typically found in flocks, except during the breeding season.
  • Stork nests consist of a large twig platform that is built in trees or on rock ledges. Some, like the white stork, commonly nest on rooftops and chimneys.
  • Nest sites are often colonies, with several pairs nesting closely together.
  • Three to six chalky-white eggs are laid and these hatch in about five weeks. Both parents help incubate the eggs, and perform parental duties: some storks are known to stand with their wings wide open to shade the chicks from the sun.
  • Many species of stork are in decline, due to habitat destruction, and some are considered endangered.

Stork StoryStory brings babies

Here is an amusing poem written by Shel Silverstein about a stork: You know the stork brings babies, But did you also know He comes and gets the older folks When it's their time to go? Zooms right down and scoops them up, Then flaps back out the door And flies them to the factory where They all were made before. And there their skin is tightened up, Their muscles all are toned, Their wrinkles all are ironed out, They're given brand-new bones. Ol' bent backs are straightened up, New teeth are added too, Tired hearts are all repaired And made to work like new. Their memories are all removed And they're shrunk down, and then The stork flies them back down to earth As newborn babes again.

Enjoy one of Aesop's Fables

At one time the Fox and the Stork were on visiting terms and seemed very good friends. So the Fox invited the Stork to dinner, and for a joke put nothing before her but some soup in a very shallow dish. This the Fox could easily lap up, but the Stork could only wet the end of her long bill in it, and left the meal as hungry as when she began. 'I am sorry,' said the Fox, 'The soup is not to your liking.' 'Pray do not apologise,' said the Stork. 'I hope you will return this visit, and come and dine with me soon.' So a day was appointed when the Fox should visit the Stork; but when they were seated at table all that was for their dinner was contained in a very long-necked jar with a narrow mouth, in which the Fox could not insert his snout, so all he could manage to do was to lick the outside of the jar. 'I will not apologise for the dinner,' said the Stork, 'One bad turn deserves another.' Footnote: Please send us your funny stork pictures and interesting facts

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