Funny Squirrel
Video of Walter on Guard

1) Walter the squirrel on the lookout

Squirrel lookout on fence

2) Squirrel
on the attack

Squirrel lookout on fence

3) Walter on the war path

Squirrel war dance

4) Squirrel on top

Squirrel hero

Funny Squirrel Video

See Walter the squirrel defender.  Check out how he protects his master’s beer.

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More Funny Squirrel
Pictures and Stories

‘Three attacked as squirrel goes nuts’.  

An aggressive squirrel
attacked three people in a German town before it was beaten to death by a man
with a crutch. The rodent bit a woman in her living-room in Passau, and then a
builder, before a 72-year-old man eventually killed it.  While the
above is a true story, below is probably a work of fiction, but do check it out,
and have fun while you make up your mind.

Squirrel on Guard

Squirrel Sniper

Walter now on guard to repel future invaders.

Squirrels practise
before going on guard duty

Squirrels practise before going on guard duty

Their teacher is Obi-Wan Kenobi

Why is a psychiatrist like a squirrel?
They are both surrounded by nuts.

Amazing Pictures
of a Heroic Squirrel Rescue

Will and Guy have been sent these amazing photos showing an
heroic mother squirrel rescuing its baby from an insistent dog.

Amazing Squirrel Pictures - Rescue from dog
  1. In the first photo the dog has the baby squirrel between his
    front paws and while the mother squirrel is looking on fearfully
    from the tree trunk.
  2. The mother squirrel launches herself at the dog effectively
    giving her youngster a chance to get away.
  3. In the third photo we can see the heroic rescuer carrying her
    baby up the tree to safety.

Squirrel Celebrating Queen’s Jubilee

Squirrel Jubilee

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