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Snow Rage

Funny Snow Cartoons

Did You Know?

The latest cold spell which has brought chaos to parts of the UK has its funny side also. Heard on BBC Radio was an announcement which said, 'The Open Air Winter Wonderland Show in Cardiff, Wales, has been closed because of the snow.' [You couldn't make it up!]

Ski Chat Up

Funny Snow Cartoons

More Snowy Cartoons and Joke PicturesHappy Athiest

Who's tired of snow?

Not a Snow Cartoon - But Still Funny

Simpsons snow sculpture The Simpsons at home for Christmas

Funny Snow Men and Snow Women CartoonsFunny Snowman Carrot Nose Pictures

Fat Snow Woman Dieting

Saga of Bus Mowing Down SnowmanFunny Snowman Story - Bus

A HAPLESS bus driver in the US has resigned after his bus was videoed colliding with a 1.2 metre snowman standing in the road. The hit-and-run was captured in the University of Illinois campus and posted on Youtube on Dec 4, along with the title "Insane Bus Driver Brutally Murders Snowman." In the video clip, a car carefully swerves the snow-clad obstacle on the icy road, whereas the public transit bus veers onto the wrong side of the road and annihilates the unwanted object. The video has been watched more than 66,000 times since its release, and the number of hits is likely to rise. According to Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District spokeswoman Jan Kijowski, it is highly likely that the driver has quit after his deed became known. After the video had been posted and spread on the website, it stirred a controversy over who is responsible -- the bus driver or the person who deliberately made a snowman on the road. The driver said he had seen two cars almost crash trying to avoid the icy impediment, and decided to get rid of it. Amid the hot debate, more than 800 Facebook users insisted that the bus driver be restored to his former position. The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

How Dogs Cope with Snow - Or Not!

Funny Christmas Dogs

Classic Snow ScenesWinter Wonderland - Christmas carol

Father Christmas skiing

One More Funny Snow Cartoon

Polar bear global warming humour

See polar bears with huskies

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