Tortoise and Cat Pictures



1) Cat and Tortoise

Go on, give me a ride!

2) How to find your lost tortoise:
How to find your lost tortoise

An animal lover was so fed up with looking for her tortoises she has fitted them with a tracker device.  Jane Williams, who runs a tortoise sanctuary from her home in Colchester, uses a handheld scanner
to hunt down her 60 animals, reports the East Anglian Daily Times. The tracker device is attached to their shells with a removable sticky pad.

Ms Williams said, 'I think they are absolutely fantastic.
Contrary to popular belief tortoises can actually move quite fast. They are real escape artists. They can climb walls, hide in bushes and bury themselves. We find them in all sorts of unusual places. It is
amazing how difficult it can be to find them.'

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3) Not much danger with a tortoise!

Please Don'

4) Talking of Walls...

Will and Guy wonder how do you say to the neighbours: 'I'm going on holiday next week. Will you water my plants while I'm away?'

5) Another Story of Animal Friends

The photos, taken by Michel Denis-Huot are beautiful and compliment the
story beautifully. While on safari in Kenya's Masai Mara in 2010 Michel said
he was astounded by what he saw.

These cheetahs have been living together since they left their mother at
about 18 months old.  One morning they were seen walking quickly but
stopping sometimes to play together.  They did not appear to be hungry.

The Cheetahs and The Impala

While out walking they met a group of impala who promptly ran away.
However, Michel pictures show, one youngster was not quick enough and the
brothers caught it easily.

Impala Cheetah - Unlikely Friends

These extraordinary scenes followed.

Impala Cheetah - Unlikely Friends

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