Funny Pictures of Road Signs UK

We hope that flicking through these amusing pictures will mean that on your next car journey you will be on the lookout for funny road signs.

Funny Traffic Signs


Ham Sandwich - Deal, or No Deal?

Funny Picture of a Nuclear Bunker The above are all real towns or villages in Kent England

Mobile Homme Parade

Here is a parade with a difference! Mobile Homme Funny UK road sign kindly snapped by Bernard Taylor in Poole, Dorset, England.

Left Right, Right Left - I'm Confused by These Funny Road Signs

Road sign go left go right It doesn't get any easier.  Peculiar UK road signs. Funny Road signs - keep left? - or right?Confusing Road SignsLook Left The above could be a road sign we British are exporting to America, but Will and Guy are not sure.

More Funny UK Road Signs

Don't worry, in England we have the 'Magic Roundabout'

magic roundabout

Oops!  No I Meant The First

Road to oops!

Plan B?

Show me the way to go home Show me the way to go home!

Danger Deep Excavations!

Excavation - Graveyard Above picture kindly snapped and sent in by Peter Dane.  A combination of two adjacent signs photographed in July 2010 on the roundabout at the junction of Waterfall Road, Hampden Way/Morton Road London N14.

Secret Bunker - Not any more!

I thought we British were good at intelligence!  Perhaps this is all a fiendish plot designed in the secret bunker to confuse the enemy? Funny Picture of a Nuclear Bunker

A Funny Road Picture from Sweden

Erik - Amusing road picture Erik Johansson is a professional photographer and retoucher based in Sweden. Footnote: Please send us your funny traffic signs.

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