Funny pictures of amusing events in December

Play:- Work that you enjoy doing for nothing.  Evan Esar

  • Cat and Mouse
  • Car Accident - Domino Effect
  • Children's Mischief
  • Dogs Fight Back
  • Cows Car Ride
  • Elephant Escapes
  • Engrish - Funny Foreign Phrases
  • Funny Signs
  • Hot Dogs - Dachshund Races
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Mayday - Sinking?
  • Naughty Kids
  • No Dogs Allowed Signs
  • Otter
    Juggling Ball
  • Snow Plough - Video
  • Springboard
  • Train Market in Bangkok



Examples of
Our December Pictures

Our aim is to show the personality of each month with our pictures; in a word,
December means 'Winter'.

Ice Sculpture - PowerPoint Presentation for December

Ice Sculpture

Wonderful pictures of objects carved
from ice.

Snow plough strikes intrepid reporter

Snow Plough

One of the funniest outside broadcasts
that we have seen

Cat and Mouse - New Angle

Useless cat and mouse

Cows Car Ride

Cows drive Mitsubishi pickup

What fun are these two up to?

Video of an
Otter Juggling Ball

Otter juggling a ball

Funny Engrish Signs

Engrish phrases

Parking - Only for Icelanders, how do they know?

Parking Icelanders only

Springboard - Accident or Fake?

Springboard - Accident or Fake?

We think this an unfortunate
accident. What do you think?

December Special Day Calendar

  •   Advent
  •   HanukkahHanukkah
  •   7th Pearl Harbour - Japanese attack in 1941
  • 10th Human Rights Day
  • 14th Roald Amundsen Reaches the South Pole (1911)
  • 16th Boston Tea Party
  • 16th Jane Austen born 1755
  • 17th Wright Brothers make their first flight (1903)
  • 18th Piltdown Man
  • 21st Winter Solstice
  • 21st Arthur Wynne published the first crossword (1913)
  • 25th Christmas (Quarter Day)
  • 26th Boxing Day - St Stephen's
  • 26th Kwanzaa - Fastest growing festival
  • 28th Dia de los Santos Inocentes (Spanish Fools Day)
  • 31st New Years Eve

See other interesting events that
happened in December back
down the years.

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