See the otter video also check out the ‘Seven
interesting otter facts

1) Otter carrying the ball – No easy feat

Here is an amazing juggler.  It’s rare to see an otter, never mind one who can

Otter video


2) Otter on his back, holding the ball

Otter juggling a ball

3) Otter just having fun

Otter juggling a ball

Picture of Otter showing off his ball skills

Otter juggling a ball in the air

Play the otter video and see our skilful friend in action.

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Otter Video

Seven Interesting Otter Facts

  1. The average otter can hold their breath for 7 minutes.
  2. Otter have specially adapted lens, which enables them to focus underwater.
    Have you tried opening your eyes underwater?  What a difference a pair
    of goggles makes.  They also have skin flaps to help them keep out the
    water when they dive to depths of around 30ft.
  3. There are interesting and unusual names associated with otters, for example
    their lair is a ‘Holt’ and
    a family of Otters are known as a ‘Romp’.  A
    bunch floating in a group is called a ‘Raft otters’.
  4. As with humans, old otters have white whiskers.
  5. Those that study otters say that they carry around the same stone.
    Moreover, they are one of only a few tool-using mammals.
  6. You may think that they keep warm with blubber like seals, but no,
    otters insulate themselves against the cold with hair.
  7. Another interesting otter fact is that they have slightly webbed
    feet, which makes them easy to track.
    more otter facts

Otter Natural History

While otters live in water, they are mammals with fur and not reptiles with
scales.  One surprise is that they are meat eaters, however fishermen know
that otters can ruin their prospects of a fish supper.  Otters also eat
frogs newts and in hard times, crabs and shellfish.Picture of otter

There are about a dozen distinct species of otter, their habitats vary from
Canada to South America, and from Europe to Asia.  Most otters live in
rivers, but an exception is the sea otter of North Pacific.  (Picture of
sea otter floating to the right.)

Also see here for river otter video.

Otter Voting!

Otter juggling a ball in the air

Otter voting, spot his tick next to ‘Herring’.

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