Fishing will do a lot for a man, but it won’t make him truthful.


Clever Pelicans – Enquiring about the best fishing grounds

Clever Pelicans - Asking for the Best Fishing Grounds

Faithful Pelican Friends – Waiting for Dinner

Funny Fishy Pictures Faithful Pelican Friends

The Pelican

A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His mouth can hold more than his belly can,
He can hold in his beak,
Enough food for a week!
I’m damned if I know how the hell he can!

The above limerick was written by Dixon Lanier Merritt in 1910.

Clever Fishing Technique

Egret Fishing

Amusing fishing picture, but what is that bird?  At first Guy thought
it was a stork, but further research indicates it’s an egret.  Please
let us know if you can identify the bird in the above picture.

Cats Fishing – One of Our Favourite Funny Fishy

Cats fishing

Funny Fishy One-liners

  • Fishing will do a lot for a man but it won’t make him truthful.
  • The least experienced fisherman always catches the biggest fish.
  • The
    worse your line is tangled, the better is the fishing around you.
  • Catfish have taste buds located on their whiskers.
  • I got a new fly rod, and a reel for my wife…. best trade I ever made.

Want a

Fishy picture - want a scratch?

That Was a Nice Smile – Show Me Again?

Fishy grin

You Tickle My Ribs, and I will
Tickle Yours!

Tickle fish ribs

The Bishop Takes a Stroll

The Arch Bishop of Canterbury was walking along the cliffs at Dover.  He
came upon two men hauling a third man ashore on the end of a rope. ‘That’s great
compassion,’ said the bishop, ‘A man helping his fellow man stop him committing

As he was walking away, one man whispered to the other, ‘Well, the bish sure
doesn’t know the first thing about shark fishing.’

Big FishBig Fish

A fisherman usually laughed at for his terrible luck was left reeling,
when he landed Britain’s biggest ever freshwater fish.

James Jones, 31, was stunned when he hooked the monster wels catfish,
which weighed a whopping 144lb (65.3kg).

The father of three, of Essex, spent two hours fighting to bring the
giant into the bank with the help of two other fishermen.

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