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Cheeky Flamingo Picture

Don't you just hate it when someone looks over your shoulder when you are reading? funny flamingo pictures
Flamingo Joke Q: Why is that flamingo standing on one leg? A: Because if he lifts it up he'd fall down!

Flaming Head - What a Beautiful Natural Pink Colour

Cheeky Flamingo - carotene from eating shrimps

Interesting Facts About Flamingos

  1. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the flamingo was the symbol for red.
  2. Ancient Romans on the other hand, thought that the flamingo's tongue was a tasty delicacy.
  3. You have probably guessed that the 'Flaming' part of the name comes from the colour.  Flamingo is also related to the Spanish word flamenco. flamingos Natural History
  4. In fact, their ruddy colour is related to their diet of shrimps and other crustaceans, which are rich in the carotene pigment. However, to feed they have to turn their head upside-down.
  5. The largest flamingo, Phoenicopterus ruber, can stand 6 feet tall (almost 2 metres).  However, even more spectacular than the size and colour of an individual flamingo, is the sight of a flock of flamingos taking off from the lake shore.  I think of flamingos as being an African bird, but they are also to be enjoyed in the Caribbean and South America.
  6. Whilst the male flamingo doesn't actually lactate, he can produce a milky fish soup in his crop, which he then feeds to his little fledgling flamingos. Incidentally, chicks are born with straight bills, they only start to curve after about 10 days.
  7. Flamingos really do sleep on one leg.
  8. A group these lovely birds is called a flamboyance of flamingos. See flamingo picture above.

Flamingo Chicks

Flamingos usually lay just one large egg.  It takes about a month for the chick to incubate.  The chick's mother and father each take turns to incubate the egg.  Just before they hatch the chick starts squawking, this is the signal for the parents to help by breaking the egg from the outside. After about a week of feeding from its parents, the flamingo chick looks funny, but it's ready to walk - see funny flamingo picture below.  The young flamingo develops quickly and can swim before it leaves the nest, which is typically about a week after hatching. Flamingo chick

Blue Flamingo - or Just Cold!

Blue flamingo See more on the flamingo

Alice in Wonderland with Her Funny Flamingo Croquet Mallet

'Can you play croquet' asked the Queen of Hearts. 'Can you play croquet' the Queen of Hearts asked Alice

Lovely Flamingo Brooch and Charm

Flamingo BroochFlamingo Charm It seems that the plural of flamingo, is usually spelt as flamingos, however, flamingoes is also deemed to be correct.  Incidentally, the brooch is another tricky word to spell.  This is because the noun brooch (above) is frequently confused with the verb to broach (a subject).

More Art - Graceful Flamingo Sculptures

flamingo statues

Flamingo Mirror - See Rightflamingo mirror

Flamingos pictured at Colchester Zoo, Essex, England, have been given the chance to preen after a number of full length mirrors were placed in their enclosure. The move isn't to allow the birds to admire their reflection but is part of an attempt to encourage them to breed!  Flamingo photo: Jeremy Durkin/Rex.

Pink Flamingos In The Snow

Pink flamingos in the snow, newly planted in drifts as high as their fat plastic bellies, their gaudy long necks stretched to watch the passing traffic. I drive along my usual route in glassy ice-formed ruts, thinking bad thoughts about winter and brooding darkly about the endless wet and cold. Then four flamingos catch my eye, laughing at their own frigid landscape and feigning warmth of other climes. I smile and thank the thoughtful wag who placed them there for offering hope and pointing us toward spring.

Naomi B. Patterson

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Escapee Fiona the Flamingo Spottedflamingo escapee

An escaped flamingo which has been flying free for nearly five months has turned up at nature reserves in Norfolk and Suffolk in England. The female bird, named Fiona, landed at the RSPB reserve at Strumpshaw Fen, near Norwich, on Wednesday morning.  The escapee from a zoo in Hampshire then turned up at RSPB Minsmere on the Suffolk coast on Thursday morning. She has also been spotted in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire in recent weeks. Fiona visited RSPB Titchwell Marsh, near Hunstanton, early in April 2011 and has also been spotted at its Ouse Washes reserve in Cambridgeshire.  Ben Lewis, whose photo is below, a warden at Strumpshaw Fen, said he initially thought the sighting of Fiona at the reserve was a joke. 'But when I rushed over to our tower hide it was there in full view, mingling with the geese, paddling in the water and flying over the reed beds,' he said. A numbered ring on the flamingo's leg identified her as Fiona - a greater flamingo, a species native to parts of Africa, southern Asia and southern Europe.  She escaped from Marwell Wildlife, near Winchester, Hampshire, England in 2010.

Funny Flamingo Kite

Cute flamingo kite Wouldn't you just love to fly with flamingos? Footnote: Please send us your funny flamingo pictures.

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