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Dave and the Six Chicken Buna Curries

I have the feeling that the punch line of this story will not be what you
anticipate. Dave was one of my many ex-drinking companions; he was like a barrel, but shorter and wider.  Incidentally, we used to laugh at another of the company - John, because he could only manage 4
pints before slinking off home.  How times have changed, these days I never drink more that 2 pints.

Back to Dave. Dave was a diamond geezer, meaning he was a cockney, had a heart of gold, and as
happens, lots of flash jewellery. What I liked most about Dave was listening to tales of his derring-do, his stories of driving - if driving is the word - a fork-lift digger. I drank with him every Sunday lunch
time for about three years. Now in those days the pubs closed on a Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM, or maybe it was 3:00 PM. Anyway, as far as drinking was concerned Dave talked so much at that when the barmaid
called time, he had a minimum of 2 full pints on the bar. Every week I always believed he would fail, but every week he astonished me by draining both pints in about 2 minutes and this was after the full
lunchtime session.Funny story, joke about 6 chicken bunas

One Sunday, completely out of the blue, Dave said, 'Why don't
we all go for a curry, I know just the place'
. I say again that for 3 years the pattern had always been the same, just a
lunchtime drink and a chat then everyone home to their own Sunday dinner. Well, five of us accepted Dave's
forceful invitation, and off we weaved to the Curry house. When we arrived the waiter greeted Dave like
a brother, and we all set down. It was when the waiter brought the menus that something happened, which I will never forget, Dave said '
nah, nah, we don't
need them menu's
just bring us 6 Chicken Bunas and 3
bottles of Blue Nun.

I am guessing now, but I bet you know someone like Dave who projects their thoughts, their ideas and their likes onto their friends and family.  Others may
be a little more subtle than Dave, but now everywhere I go I see examples of Dave and his order of '
6 Chicken Bunas.'