Chinese Totems



Chinese Cycle Sellers - "Totems"

Chinese Cycle Seller

The Chinese will find any way to make a living. This is an example of how resourceful the Chinese people are and it does to some extent,
explain in simplistic terms why China will eventually lead the world.

These pictures have kindly been researched and sent to us by John Reeves.

The Chinese Show Cleverness, Resourcefulness and Initiative

The Chinese are resourceful, extremely hard working and are prepared to take on any job. For those of you who are Chinese, stand proud and always be resourceful, determined and honourable no matter how difficult things are.

Chinese Totems

These pictures were taken by a French photographer, Alain Delorme in Shanghai throughout 2009 and 2010. He called the series, Totems.

More Examples of Chinese Totems / Entrepreneurs

These couriers - mostly migrant workers from other parts of China, not only need strong legs but also acrobatic skills to balance these
massive loads on their tricycles and bicycles while on the move.

Chinese Entrepeneurs

More Chinese Totems

Chinese Drink Seller

Chinese Entrepeneurs

Thanks to John Reeves for sending us these pictures.

Footnote: Please send us your examples of Chinese Totems.