Car Accident Video Clip

The situation in some town centers is that authorized vehicles such as buses and postal vans are allowed, but ordinary motorists are restricted by posts. As the authorized bus approaches, the posts magically lower to allow the vehicle to pass
over.  Our video clip neatly records naughty drivers getting their come-uppance.


Why you should not slip stream or tailgate buses.

1) A bus is allowed through

Car Accident video

This is a mainly pedestrian area.  However, while it makes sense to allow access for buses to ferry in the shoppers, it defeats the object if cars are allowed - hence the bollards.

2) The posts retract automatically to allow the bus to pass

Retractable posts

3) A car tries to tail-gate the bus, what will happen?  The video will reveal all.

Car Accident Video - hits post

4) The car gets stuck - server them right.  The post quickly rises from the ground and impales the car

Video car accident

Check out our car accident video clip and see the drivers get their come-uppance. N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video.