Funny Halloween Pictures

Will and Guy have deliberately covered a wide variety of Halloween themes.

Don't Drink and Fly at Halloween

Don't drink and drive - Funny Hallowen Picture Why don't angry witches ride their brooms? They're afraid of flying off the handle

Este día de las brujas no tomes y manejes

Don't drink and drive Our resident Spanish expert, Bertie, says it should say: Este día de las brujas no beba y vuele.  However, Will and Guy would appreciated clarification from a true Spanish expert.  Does 'Este día de las brujas no tomes y manejes' really mean, 'The day of the witches, do not take the handle', or has Bertie himself had too much Vinho collapso?

Halloween Safe Zone - Witches Cannot Pass

Hallowen Road Sign - Cannot PassPumpkins skull

A Coven of Witches - Not just at HalloweenNeighbourhood witch

A coven of witches, is a group of 13 witches.  Unfortunately, for some of us, a coven of witches can gather not just at Halloween, but at any time of the year. Wife, sister, mother-in-law, aunties, you can soon rack up a great deal of witch power in your life.

Funny Halloween Pictures Featuring Animals

Why Dogs HATE Halloween

Why Dogs Hate Halloween Dog with knife

Why Cats LIKE Halloween

Cats, particularly black cats are symbols of evil, thus they come into their own on All Hallows Eve, along with goblins and of course, witches.Cats in pumpkin Halloween Cat See more pictures of Halloween cats here.

Mermaid Costume for Halloween

Top costume for halloween - mermaidTrick or Treat Pirate Dog This year the top choices for Halloween costumes are: Mermaids and Indian Jones.  This surprised Will and Guy as we prefer the more traditional ghost-sheet. Most Creative Costume: Mondex, a Chihuahua, wears a pirate costume during a Halloween dog show for the benefit of an animal welfare organization in Manila, capital of the Philippines.  Mondex won the prize for the most creative costume.

Halloween Reunion - Black Sheep Sheet

Cat Pumpkin Moon Uncle Joe - the black sheet of the family.

More of Will and Guy's Collection of Funny Halloween Pictures

We are always on the lookout for amusing pictures of witches, ghosts and pumpkins.  In truth, the funniest part of Halloween is the doing, and the telling of derring-do tales afterwards.  Meanwhile, here are funny Halloween pictures to put you in the mood for a little trick or treating.

Recession Hits Haunted Houses

Haunted House

A Motley Collection of Halloween Characters

Halloween Graveyard Stories After each grown-up Halloween party, watch out for a new round of stories involving a husband swapping his fancy-dress costume with another guest, followed by the wife then kissing the 'wrong' man.

Funny Halloween Costume for Warlock (Wicca)

Funny Halloween Costume

Sick Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin Carvings See more pictures of pumpkin carvings.

May Have Eaten a Ghoulish Egg?

Funny Halloween breakfast

Halloween - The Name Behind the Funny Pictures

Pretty much everyone agrees with the position of Halloween in the calendar, namely All Hallows Eve, October 31st.  Halloween pictures and images fall into three major categories.
  1. Symbols of death: ghosts, skeletons, haunted houses and graveyards.
  2. Symbols of evil: witches, goblins and black cats.
  3. Symbols of harvest: pumpkins, Jack-o-Lanterns, scarecrows and corn dollies.
Other variations on the name include:
  • Hallow E'en - Ireland
  • Hallowtide or Hallowe'en - Scotland
  • Nos Galen-gaeof - Wales (The Night of the Winter Calends)
  • Feralia - Roman
  • Samhain - Celts
  • The Feast of All Soula, also Feast of the Sun.

Halloween Myths

Halloween is the third biggest holiday for retail sales While Americans spend an average of $75 on Halloween, they spend more on merchandise for Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Easter. I find it hard to believe, but even Father's Day sales outstrip those of Halloween. Psychic Predicts Campus Murders at Halloween This an interesting phenomenon because it repeats every 3 years.  The gist of the myth is that a psychic on a radio or obscure T.V. show predicts that a madman is going to murder students and Halloween.  There is no truth in this myth which started in 1968, it's neat because after 3 years each campus will have a new batch of students who have never heard of the hoax. A suicide was mistaken as a Halloween decoration The incident occurred just before Halloween in 2005 in Frederica Delaware.  Unfortunately this is a true story.  Indeed it illustrates the problem with dismissing all hoaxes and myths, because about 25% turn out to be true.

Halloween Movie Pictures

  • Halloween by John Carpenter 1978
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 Wes Craven
  • Poltergeist by Steven Spielberg 1982
  • Dracula by Bram Stoker 1993
More ghost movies:
  • The House On Haunted Hill, 1959 original by William Castle. Don't miss Vincent Price
  • Ghost Ship 2002 by Steve Beck
  • The Frighteners by Peter Jackson
Footnote: Please send us your funny Halloween pictures

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