Funny House Names

Will and Guy are building a collection of amusing, witty and droll names of
houses, flats and bungalows.  Our only criterion is
that the name brings a smile to our faces.Funny House Names



Will and Guy's Top Ten Funny House Names

  1. Bogg View has been seen; it is, apparently opposite a public toilet
  2. Costa Plenty can be viewed outside Beckenham, Kent, England
  3. Esso View is opposite a petrol [gas] station in England
  4. Rosa told us she saw a picturesque row of thatched cottages and the
    one on the end was called 'The Last Straw'
  5. Ersanmyne is a house name outside Ferndown, Dorset, England
  6. Of course there are the old faithfuls: Dunroamin; Dunworkin;
    Dunwhining; Dunin; Dunkerrin; all over the UK and Ireland
  7. Hodge Podge Lodge was sent to Will by Fred from Glasgow
  8. Badde Manors
  9. Windy Heights was spotted in Somerset, England on a house at the top
    of a hill
  10. John and Maureen Franklin's home is named 'Moonraker' * because they
    both originate from the county of Wiltshire, England

*The term Moonraker is used for Wiltshire people. It is thought to
indicate that they are a bit challenged when it comes to the intelligence
department. However all is not quite as it seems.

The term originated as a result of a raid by customs men on a Wiltshire
village. They suspected the locals of illegal distilling. The raid took
place at night and the local people had a tip-off that it was to take place.
They disposed of the illegal stills, associated equipment and booze in the
mill pond.

It was a still, moonlit night when the customs men raided the village,
and the equipment and all could be seen at the bottom of the pond through
the glassy surface. The locals fetched rakes and other farm implements and
pretended to be stupid by trying to rake the reflection of the moon off the
surface of the pond in order to disturb the surface so that the customs men
could not see what was hidden at the bottom.

Thus the name Moonraker was born. Wiltshiremen are not as stupid as their
reputation would have us believe!

Items that Missed the Top Ten Funny House Names

  • In Isleworth, London Will saw a house, near the sewage plant, called
    'The House at Poo Corner'.
  • Llamedos has been spotted in Yorkshire, England

We suspect there are more, so if you see any amusing house names, please
send them in!

Folly in the Clouds - Windy House!

Folly in the Clouds

Who Could be Living in These Houses?

Here are the amusing names of people living in such houses.

  • Pearl Button - Threadneedle House
  • Rose Bush - Garden Cottage
  • Norman Knight - Castle Court
  • Jonah Wales - Sea View
  • See more amusing names.

House Buyers' Terms Explained

Going to take advantage of the slow late summer housing market to buy a
house?  There are all kinds of terms that are used to describe real estate,
so be prepared!  Before you go out, check this list of House Buyers' Terms
and what they really mean:

"Price recently reduced" (It used to be priced 'way, way too high.' It is
now merely priced 'way too high.')

"Recently updated" (We hung up a new calendar in the kitchen.)

"Hardwood floors" (We had to pull up the carpets because the previous
owner totally trashed them.)

"Floor-to-ceiling windows" (Ceiling is window height.)

"Den could be a third bedroom" (If you don't mind sleeping standing up,
that is.)

"Breathtaking views" (That is meant literally, taking into account all
the Dumpsters next door.)

"A gated community" (All the residents have bars on their windows.)

"Open floor plan" (We couldn't afford walls.)

"Convenient location near the interstate" (People driving by can see into
your shower.)

"Unique windows" (They're not made of the usual glass, but rather

"Great starter home" (It's a halfway house.)

"Recently landscaped" (The dog just dug a whole bunch of new holes in the
back yard.)

"Fun, active area" (The house backs up to the exercise yard of the local

"Great investment home" (You can't actually live there yourself.)

"Custom paint" (The house was painted in 1970, back when that was the

"Huge sun room" (There's a big hole in the roof.)

"Wonderful agricultural area!" (Many of your neighbors use their
basements to grow marijuana.)

"Peaceful neighborhood" (The truce between the gangs is still holding.)

"Lovely golf course location" (If you want to step out into the back
yard, you'd better wear a helmet.)

"Seller motivated" (He's had it with all the wild neighborhood parties
and drunk college students.)

"Beautiful wood molding" (The beautiful ceiling is molding, too.)

"Fountain in back yard" (The hose leaks.)

"Wonderful old tree" (It fell on the house.)

"New driveway!" (The only thing we can really tout about this house is a
patch of concrete.)

"Minutes away from shopping, schools, and parks" (139 minutes, to be

"A home owner's dream come true!" (A nightmare is a dream.)

"Hurry, this won't last!" (The whole place is about ready to collapse.)

Names for Public Houses

Will and Guy have a collection of amusing pub signs.  Here is are
our favourites.Funny Pub Names

  • Bucket of Blood - Phillack, Cornwall
  • *The Fawcett Inn - Portsmouth, Hampshire
  • *The Ram Inn - Newark, Nottinghamshire
  • Moderation Inn - Reading, Berkshire
  • *The Pub with No Name - Priors Dean, Hampshire [known by locals as
    The White Horse Inn]
  • The Vat and Fiddle - Nottingham
  • The Happy Medium - Chichester, West Sussex
  • The Hung Drawn And Quartered, London
  • *Hole in the Wall - Southsea, Hampshire; *Caernarvon, north Wales;
    Little Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire; Waterloo, London; Lowside, Bowness
    Windermere, Cumbria [Hole Int Wall]; and several other venues.
  • The Bleeding Wolf, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire
  • Blooming Fuchsia, Ipswich, Suffolk
  • The Cow and Snuffers, Llandaff, Cardiff, Wales
  • Drunken Duck, Hawkshead, Cumbria
  • Mad Dog, Odell, Bedfordshire
  • The Quiet Woman - York [The sign being a woman carrying her own
    severed head]
  • Nobody Inn - Doddiscombsleigh, Devon

* Will has sampled the beer in these pubs.

See more amusing pub names.

Funny Names of ShopsFunny Fish and Chip Shop Names

  • There's
    a mobile snack caravan on Dartmoor, England named : 'The Hound of the Basket Meals'.
    (The hound of the Baskerville is a popular local saga.)
  • Also, we hear rumours of a butchers called: 'The Meating Place'.
  • A driving school in the Merseyside area of England called 'L Passo'.
  • Chip n' Dales - Fish Restaurant in New Jersey
  • 'A Pane in the Glass' is the amusing name of a glazier's in New York
    State, USA
  • See our collection of
    amusing shop names.

Please send us your funny
house names,
we particularly like items from far flung places.

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