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Eat Dirt - Strange But True

Eat Dirt - Strange but True - Chinese Girl

Chinese Girl Eats Dirt

The 18-year-old from Inner
Mongolia was taken to Beijing by her parents, who wanted to know why she finds dirt appetising.

She told Chinese television that she started the habit when she was just 7 years old when she consumed dirt
that was attached to the roots of grass.

Yellow mud is her favourite. Her eating habits have caused problems for the family's
next-door neighbour, who has a mud roof. Chinese television reported that the
woman can't
help herself and keeps eating his roof.

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Funny Chinese Food

Eccentric Chinaman

Li Sanju claims to have survived for two years eating nothing but leaves
and grass. The Chinaman from Niuwei village, Guangdong province, says he is
perfectly happy with his unusual diet. He informed Will and Guy that he
looks no different to other people in his village - but admits he does smell
strongly of grass. 'I watched a TV programme which said a man can live more
than 10 days without food but just water, so I thought I would try living on
the natural things near my home,' he said.

At first, he tried eating grass in a field like cattle - but it tasted
bitter and made him ill, we have found, 'I suspect that the field grass has
been polluted by pesticides, so I changed to the plants in the mountain
behind my house, and I never had any problem,' he added. 'I used to be known
as a sick man in the village, always in hospital, but since I changed my
diet, I've never been to see the doctors. Even the tumour on my right foot
has disappeared.'

The Local Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital said most of the plants
were edible and not toxic but he did not recommend Li's diet to us, which is
a great relief.

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People Do Have the
Funniest Eating Habits [thanks to Frank Sabatini Jnr]:

  • A meal in Istanbul could include lamb eyeballs dressed in a traditional Turkish cream sauce.
    Aboriginals eat chopped, marinated kangaroo tails.
  • In Central and South America, iguana meat is sautéed and turned into a gastronomic casserole that is
    eaten with bread or rice.
  • Australian aboriginals commonly eat chopped, marinated kangaroo tails and sugar ants.
  • Pickled ram's testicles and decomposed shark meat are among the traditional Icelandic
    foods that present special challenges for tourists.
  • In parts of Asia and Africa, locusts are typically dredged in wild honey to give them extra flavour.
  • And people still reportedly breed dogs for food
    throughout severely impoverished areas of Korea and China. North American and UK animal rights groups are working to ban the practice.
  • Bear paws and filets remain a highly prized dinner in Russia and
    Eastern Europe.
  • Fresh snake meat is readily available in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Chinese delicacies include shark fin soup and pigeon soup, while we here in the West have a
    fondness for goose liver pâté and frog legs.

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