Grandparents' Day Jokes
Grandma rocking chair cartoon

Grandparents Day – Sunday After Labor Day (First Sunday in October for the UK)

Between the earth and sky above, nothing can match a grandmother’s love.

What Is a Grandparent? Will and Guy Bring You Funny, But Real, Answers

Grandparent cartoon

Will and Guy’s friend, Mrs Margaret Mather is a Primary school teacher; she has recorded the answers she was given in a class discussion, they could make you smile or even laugh:

  • Grandparents are a lady and a man who have no little children of their own.  They like other people.
  • A grandfather is a man and a grandmother is a lady.
  • Grandparents don’t have to do anything except be there when we come to see them. They are so old they shouldn’t play hard or run. It is good if they drive us to the shops and give us money.
  • When they take us for walks, they slow down past things like pretty leaves and caterpillars.
  • They show us and talk to us about the colors of the flowers and also why we shouldn’t step on “cracks.”
  • They don’t say, ‘Hurry up.’
  • Usually, grandmothers are fat but not too fat to tie your shoes.
  • They wear glasses and funny underwear.
  • They can take their teeth and gums out.
  • They have to answer questions like ‘Why isn’t God married?’ and ‘How come dogs chase cats?’
  • When they read to us, they don’t skip. They don’t mind if we ask for the same story over again.
  • Everybody should try to have a grandmother, especially if you don’t have a television because they are the only grownups who like to spend time with us.
  • They know we should have snack time before bedtime, and they say prayers with us and kiss us even when we’ve acted badly.

Grandparent’s Funny Answering Machine

Good morning. . . . At present we are not at home but, please leave your message after you hear the beep. Beeeeeppp…

  1. If you are one of our children, dial 1 and then select the option from 1 to 5 in order of “arrival” so we know who it is.
  2. If you need us to stay with the children, press 2.
  3. If you want to borrow the car, press 3.
  4. If you want us to wash your clothes and do the ironing, press 4.
  5. If you want the grandchildren to sleep here tonight, press 5.
  6. If you want us to pick up the kids at school, press 6.
  7. If you want us to prepare a meal for Sunday or to have it delivered to your home, press 7.
  8. If you want to come to eat here, press 8.
  9. If you need money, dial 9.

If you are going to invite us to dinner, or, take us to a restaurant, start talking – we are listening!

Babysitting Logic

One evening a grandmother was babysitting her two granddaughters Anne and Betty. Presently, 8:00 PM rolled around.

“Okay, time for bed,” she informed the two children who were playing in the den. “Why?” Anne asked (aged 6). “It’s so early!”

“Your father said your bedtime is 8:00,” the grandmother said. “You don’t have to listen to him,” Betty (aged 4½) replied.

“Why not?” the grandmother asked.

Betty answered, “Because you’re his mother!”

Grandparents Piano Escape

Little Ben came into the house with a new harmonica. ‘Grandpa, do you mind if I play this in here?’

‘Of course not, Ben. I love music. In fact, when your Grandma and I were young, music saved my life.’

‘What happened?’

‘Well, it was during the famous Johnstown flood. The dam broke, and when the water hit our house, it knocked it right off the foundation. Grandma got on the dining room table and floated out safely.’

‘How about you?’

‘Me? I accompanied her on the piano!’

Grandparents Day – How Did It Start?

We have Jimmy Carter to thank for creating Grandparents Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day.

Loving, Funny, and Amusing Thoughts On Grandparents

  • The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy. – Sam Levenson
  • My grandkids believe I’m the oldest thing in the world. And after two or three hours with them, I believe it, too. – Gene Perret
  • The best baby-sitters, of course, are the baby’s grandparents. You feel completely comfortable entrusting your baby to them for long periods, which is why most grandparents flee to Florida. – Dave Barry
  • One of the most powerful handclasps is that of a new grandbaby around the finger of a grandfather. – Joy Hargrove
  • Two things I dislike about my granddaughter – when she won’t take her afternoon nap, and when she won’t let me take mine. – Gene Perret
  • My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there. – Indira Gandhi
  • The average man will bristle if you say his father was dishonest, but he will brag a little if he discovers that his great-grandfather was a pirate. – Bern Williams
  • My grandfather is the king, my Dad’s the prince. I guess that makes me the butler. – Adam Petty

Grandfather in The Ark?

My sister’s eldest boy liked nothing better than to sit on his grandfather’s knee and have stories read to him.  One day after a story about Noah’s ark, and how Noah led pairs of animals to the safety of the ark.

The little boy asked, ‘Granddad, you are very old, were you in Noah’s ark?’ Gosh no’, said Granddad.’ In that case, how come you didn’t drown when the flood came?’


The people who think your children are wonderful even though they’re sure you’re not raising them right.

Collection of Grandparents’ Day Jokes and Funny Stories

Grandparents Love – By Rebecca Age 8

When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too.  That’s love.

Grandfather’s Memory

James, a young boy of 6, turned to his Grandfather and said, ‘When you die, Grampy, I don’t want your money.  Please will you leave me your memory.’

[As told to Will by George, an old and valued friend who has a monumental memory]

Grandpa’s Computer Memory

My grandfather has recently started a course called ‘Computers for the Terrified.’ He’s nearly eighty and, although used to be an engineer within the US Air Force, he is completely stuck when it comes to computers.

He came back from his first evening at this course. When asked how it had gone, he replied, ‘Yes, it was really good. I really enjoyed it, but I really couldn’t get to grips with my mole.’

I stopped for a second, completely puzzled until I realized he was talking about the mouse.

Grandfather’s Size

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.

Grandfather’s Travels

My grandfather started walking five miles a day when he was 60……………………. Now he’s 97 years old and we don’t know where he is.

Mother Knows Best – Eventually

One day, a young Sarah girl was watching her mother make a roast sirloin of beef. She cut off the ends, wrapped it in string, seasoned it, and set it in the roasting dish.

Sarah politely asked her mum why she cut off the ends of the roast. Mum replied, after some thought, that it was the way that her mother had done it.

That night Grandma came to dinner and Sarah and her mother asked why she had cut the end off of the roast before cooking. After some thought Grandma replied, that she cooked the meat the way her mother had done it.

Now great-grandma was quite old and lived in a residential nursing home, so Sarah, her mum, and grandma went to visit her and again asked the very same question.

Great-grandma looked at them a bit surprised and said, ‘So it would fit in the roasting dish, of course.’

Never have children, only grandchildren. Gore Vidal

And Grandma’s Too…

Grandma day Poem

Grandma’s Funny Story

A Hilarious Tale To Make You Laugh

Grandma Quinn is eighty-eight years old and still drives her own car. Her granddaughter Jacqueline Pearson, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, sent Will and Guy this letter and asked that it be put on the site.

We have to admit, this story had Will laughing out loud.

Dear Grand-daughter

The other day I went up to our local Christian bookstore and saw a ‘Honk if you love Jesus ‘ bumper sticker. I was feeling particularly sassy that day because I had just come from a thrilling choir performance, followed by a thunderous prayer meeting.

So, I bought the sticker and put it on my bumper.

Boy, am I glad I did; what an uplifting experience that followed.

I was stopped at a red light at a busy intersection, just lost in thought about the Lord and how good he is, and I didn’t notice that the light had changed.

It is a good thing someone else loves Jesus because if he hadn’t honked, I’d never have noticed. I found that lots of people love Jesus!  While I was sitting there, the guy behind started honking like crazy, and then he leaned out of his window and screamed, ‘For the love of God!’ ‘Go! Go! Go! Jesus Christ, GO!’

What an exuberant cheerleader he was for Jesus! Everyone started honking! I just leaned out my window and started waving and smiling at all those loving people. I even honked my horn a few times to share in the love!

There must have been a man from Florida back there because I heard him yelling something about a sunny beach. I saw another guy waving in a funny way with only his middle finger stuck up in the air. I asked my young teenage grandson in the back seat what that meant. He said it was probably a Hawaiian good luck sign or something.

Well, I have never met anyone from Hawaii, so I leaned out the window and gave him the good luck sign right back.

My grandson burst out laughing. Why even he was enjoying this religious experience!

A couple of the people were so caught up in the joy of the moment that they got out of their cars and started walking towards me. I bet they wanted to pray or ask what church I attended, but this is when I noticed the light had changed. So, grinning, I waved at all my brothers and sisters and drove on through the intersection.

I noticed that I was the only car that got through the intersection before the light changed again and felt kind of sad that I had to leave them after all the love we had shared.

So I slowed the car down, leaned out the window, and gave them all the Hawaiian good luck sign one last time as I drove away. Praise the Lord for such wonderful folks!

Will write again soon,

Love, Grandma

Two Grandma Poems

What Is A Grandma?

Someone to sigh with
Someone to cry with,
To be through smiles and woes
Someone to talk with
Someone to walk with
Wherever a path in life goes,
A Grandma is a Treasure,
An all-around pleasure,
To share with, to care with, and love
Wrapped with affection,
And made to perfection,
A Grandma is a gift from above

Dear Grandma

Dear grandma
you’re all alone
no one by your side
Grandpa has left you
leaving his loved one behind
your feeling isolated
sometimes agitated
please be strong
bcoz Allah will be on your side
you’re in my tahujjed prayers
pray 4 u that Allah gives u health and make
u strong and pious
and gives u patients
but most of all grant u
longlife, peace, and happiness

How Old Is Grandma?

Stay with this — the answer is at the end.  It will blow you away.

One evening a grandson was talking to his grandmother about current events. The grandson asked his grandmother what she thought about the shootings at schools, the computer age, and just things in general.

The Grandma replied, ‘Well, let me think a minute, I was born before:

‘———- Television

‘———- polio shots

‘———- frozen foods

‘———- Xerox

‘———- contact lenses

‘———- Frisbees and

‘———- the pill

There was no:

‘———- Radar

‘———- credit cards

‘———- laser beams or

‘———- ball-point pens

Man had not invented:

‘———- pantyhose

‘———- air conditioners

‘———- dishwashers

‘———- clothes dryers

‘———- and the clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air and

‘———- man hadn’t yet walked on the moon

Your Grandfather and I got married first, . . and then lived together!  Every family had a father and a mother! Until I was 25, I called every man older than me, ‘Sir’.  And after I turned 25, I still called policemen and every man with a title, ‘Sir.’

We were before gay rights, computer- dating, dual careers, day-care centers, and group therapy.

Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense!  We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions. Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was a bigger privilege. We thought fast food was what people ate during Lent!

Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins!

Draft dodgers were people who closed their front doors when the evening breeze started!

Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends-not purchasing condominiums.

I bet you have this old lady in mind…you are in for a shock!

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