Funny Easter Bunny Jokes

Warning.  We found that these Easter bunny jokes are a classic example of
one-liners being funny provided you are in the right mood.  If Easter is just around the corner then
these jokes raise a smile.  At
other times of the year ... just enjoy the pictures.



Funny Easter Bunny Jokes

  • Why couldn't the rabbit fly home for Easter?
    He didn't have the
    hare fare.
  • What is the difference between a crazy bunny and a counterfeit banknote?
    One is bad money and the other is a mad bunny!
  • Why is a bunny the luckiest animal in the world?
    It has 4 rabbits'

Easter Bunny One-liners

A magician pulls rabbits out of hats. Miracle Easter rabbit - revived with Hair Spray.
An experimental psychologist
pulls habits out of rabbits.

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?
A Hot Cross bunny.

What did Bugs Bunny say to the carrot?
It's been nice gnawing you.

How do you post a bunny?
Hare mail.

What does a bunny use when it goes fishing?
A hare-net.

Why are people always tired in April?
Because they've just finished a 31 day March.

Why did the rabbit cross the road?
Because it was the chicken's
day off.

What do you call ten rabbits marching backwards?
A receding hareline.

How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty
Easter basket?
One. After that the basket won't
be empty.

Why did the rabbit cross the road
Because the chicken had his Easter eggs.

Mandy Mole: What's
the difference between the Easter rabbit
and a mattababy?
Rikki: What's
a mattababy?
Mandy Mole: Nothing. What's
the matter with you?

More Easter Bunny Jokes

Egg Laying Ceremony for Easter SundayRabbit with Easter eggs

  • Church notices:  This being Easter Sunday, we will ask Mrs Cusworth to come
    forward and lay an egg on the altar.
  • This Monday we will be holding a 'Bean Supper' in the church hall.  Music will
  • What do you call a chocolate bunny that was out in the sun
    too long?
    A runny bunny.

Tumbles the Cat with His Easter Bunny

Cat with rabbit!

Maisie the Cat and Her Friend Easter Chick

Easter chick with Maisie the cat

Unknown Easter Cat with 3 Chicks

Cat Easter Chicks

Easter Airport Bunnies Head for Cote d'Azur
Miracle Easter rabbit - revived with Hair Spray.

Aeroports de Paris, the company that runs the French capital's airports,
announced recently that it would remove troublesome bunnies from Orly
Airport and gently transfer them to a new life in the sun-kissed south of

'The rabbit is reputed to be a cute and harmless animal but it is also a
redoubtable rodent,' Aeroports de Paris said in a press release outlining
its scheme. 'If the rabbit population grows too much, the animals can gnaw
through cables and their tunnelling can undermine the edges of runways,
taxiways and landing beacons.'

Game wardens armed with ferrets and nets will fan out across the 850
hectares (2,125 acres) of grass and green spaces at Orly with the goal of
capturing 150 rabbits and sending them to a new life in the sun.

Aeroports de Paris said its annual live cull, 'conducted with scrupulous
regard for the environment,' has kept the airport's rabbit population at
some 2,000 animals, compared with 10,000 in 1999.

Happy Easter to all the bunnies sent to southern France say Will and Guy.

Prayer for EasterCute Easter Bunnies

Young Ernie and his family were invited to have Easter lunch at his
grandmother's house in Monkey's Eyebrow, Arizona. USA. Everyone was seated
around the table as the food was being served.
When Ernie received his plate he started eating straight away.

'Ernie, wait until we say grace,' demanded his father.

'I don't have to,' the five year old replied.

'Of course you do, Ernest,' his mother insisted rather forcefully. 'We always
say a prayer before eating at our house.'

'That's at our house,' Ernie explained, 'but this is Grandma's house, and she
knows how to cook.'

A Poem For Easter - The Easter Bunny

There's a story quite funny,
About a toy bunny,
And the wonderful
things she can do;
Every bright Easter morning,
Without warning,
She colours eggs, red, green, or blue.

Some she covers with spots,
Some with quaint little dots,
And some
with strange mixed colours, too
- Red and green, blue and yellow,
each unlike his fellow
Are eggs of every hue.

And it's odd, as folks say,
That on no other day
In all of the
whole year through,
Does this wonderful bunny,
So busy and funny,
Colour eggs of every hue.

If this story you doubt
She will soon find you out,
And what do you
think she will do?
On the next Easter morning
She'll bring you without
Those eggs of every hue.

Author - M. Josephine Todd

Happy Easter

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