Valentine Special

Change Log and Requests for Valentine 2010

11th February

  • Lambs added
  • Valentine Funeral added on the 7th.

4th February

  • Valentine Cake
  • Will and Guy's Twenty Favourite, Silly and Funny Animal Facts and Trivia

2nd February

  • Swan Heart

23rd January

  • Valentine Shock
  • Guy note to self, SEOed the whole section.

18th January

More of your lovely pictures.
  • Kisses  (Also top of the page)
  • Yours - Pin cushion!
  • Car, Strawberry, and Spagetti

16th January

  • Kids Valentine Jokes Blatant rework of existing material to attract that phrase 'Kids Valentine Jokes'.

14th January

  • Chocolate - spread about!
  • Chocolate Page Revamped thanks to your new material
  • Also {NEW Chocolate} Page

13th January

  • Valentine idea - made for this page!
  • Cynics  (Other one at top already had)
  • Stone Age
  • Happy Valentine
  • A Lovely and Funny Valentine Story
  • Amore
  • My Funny Valentine

Valentines SEO

Surprise popularity of the phrase 'Romantic one-liners'. Pure fluke, but I will capitalise on this fortuitous finding.

Valentines Requests (General)

  • Funny Valentine Chocolates

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