Funny Parking Tickets – Wheel Clamping Revenge

The last battleground in respectable suburbia is parking.  For we motorists, the enemy are parking wardens, meter maids and the dreaded clampers. Will and Guy have collected war stories of 'Wheel Clamping Revenge' and amusing parking tickets.

Wheel Clamping Revenge - RingleyWheel Clamping revenge Ringley

Residents in a housing complex at Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England woke up to find their cars had been clamped by two big men from London Parking Control.  Did they take it lying down?  No.  What they did was to take revenge and blocked-in the clampers cars. The residents banded together and got five of their own un-clamped cars to blockade the exit.  Angry car owners phoned a friends.  The resulting cavalry were able to hem in the clampers' cars and give them a taste of their own medicine. - Wheel clamping revenge. After a tense five-hour stand-off, the management company backed down and called off the clampers. The underlying problem was a new parking scheme that Ringley were introducing.  What went wrong was that letters scent about the new regulations did not reach the residents who were supposed to comply. A spokeswoman for the London Parking Control said: 'We are still looking into the incident and liaising with our client, Ringley.' Unfortunately, some residents just had to get out for urgent appointments; Guy and Will do hope that they get their £125 fine refunded.

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Clamp Truck

Not So Funny Parking TicketsNot so funny parking ticket

Westminster Council (London, England) A traffic warden gave out parking tickets to the 'Thames Whale Rescuers'. Even though the police had given them permission to park, and they were in the act of trying to save the poor whale.  Zero compassion from the warden. Another Westminster council traffic warden gave four parking tickets to cars in a funeral cortege as mourners paid their respects to the deceased.  Zero humanity. In nearby Camden Town a parking attendant issued a parking ticket to an RSPCA inspector who was rescuing an injured bird.  An RSPCA spokesman said that this was not the first time one of his inspectors had received a parking ticket when going about his duties. No good deed goes unpunished. Misar Ahmed stopped his taxi to help a woman who was ill.  While he nursed her in the back of his cab as he waited for an ambulance, so a cowardly parking attendant gave him a not very funny parking ticket. In a similar case, Patricia and Welch were amazed to getting a parking ticket when they rushing a neighbour to a doctor's surgery.  The woman who had a heart attack was later taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Surprisingly, the ambulance managed to avoid getting a ticket.  Zero common sense. All give and no take. As nurses in a National Blood Service van were taking blood from volunteer blood donors, so a jobsworth was issuing a parking.  The parking attendant informed the amazed driver that he did not have permission to be in a parking bay.  One anonymous donors said he had been giving blood in the same spot for 4 years without trouble. Zero public spirit. Yellow Line Fever. Mike Fox of Salisbury Road, West Ealing, London, kindly agreed that contractors could move his car so that they could paint yellow lines.  A waiting traffic warden pounced and issued a parking ticket in the spot where the contractors had parked Mike's car. One morning Michael Dickinson of Hendon, parked his car perfectly legally.  The road had never had any parking restrictions.  However, when he returned in the afternoon, he could see that a yellow line had been painted up to his car, and furthermore a warden had slapped a parking ticket on his windscreen.  Zero sense of natural justice. See more Strange Motoring Infringements

Drivers Wheel Clamp Revenge

Wheel Clamp? Revenge

Three Short Funny Parking Ticket Snippets

  • One driver was in collision with a joy rider.  His car was damaged and could not be driven.  He received a parking ticket.
  • A driving instructor who got a parking ticket when his pupil ran into difficulties during a three point turn.
  • Stephen McKenzie-McHarg of Australia only has one arm, thus it takes him a little longer than other motorists to unload his luggage at the airport.  A traffic warden spotted his predicament and gave him a parking ticket.

Funny Parking Ticket StoryFunny Parking Ticket Story

Eddie went out to buy a paper, and he was only gone for about three minutes. When he came out of the shop, there was a traffic warden writing out a parking ticket.  The car was on a double yellow line. Eddie approached the warden and said smiling, 'Give me a break, I was only away a minute.' The warden just carried on writing out the parking ticket and completely ignored Eddie's plea. Eddie, rather angry at being so openly ignored, called the warden, 'A goose-stepping Nazi.' The warden glared at Eddie and started writing another parking ticket, this time for having a smooth tyre. Eddie called him an even ruder name. The traffic warden finished the second ticket and put it on the windscreen alongside the first.  Then he started writing a third ticket for a tiny whole in the windscreen! This went on for about twenty minutes, and you can see the result in the picture to the right. The more Eddie insulted him, the more tickets the traffic warden wrote out and slapped on the windscreen. Eddie did not care one bit.  Eddie thought it funny because his car was safely parked on the top floor of the multi-story car park.

How to Dispute Parking Tickets

Collect evidence
  • Take pictures showing you did not infringe.  For example, signs where letters have worn away.  Obstructions, especially foliage.
  • Check dates, times, locations one could be incorrect and thus get you off.  (Sign may be too high to see.)
  • Photograph any markings - especially if they are worn and partly illegible.
Send a letter to the relevant department
  • Keep your letter to one side!
  • Make sure you actually post the letter before the penalty date (30 days).
  • Include any valid parking ticket.  E.g. if fell off the dashboard.
Other Options for Disputed Parking Ticket
  • Seek a personal hearing.  Especially if you have a good case.
  • Scour local websites for assistance.  Official and un-official sites may have a killer reason why parking ticket was invalid.
  • Contact a local journalist.  They may even publish a funny parking ticket story, which will make you feel better.
  • Get over it.  Pay your fine.  Learn from your parking mistake - move on.

Scratch-Off Parking Tickets

Scratch Card Footnote: Please send us your wheel clamping and funny parking ticket stories.

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