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Why did the turkey cross the road?  Because he wasn't chicken.

Turkey Surprise

Christmas Turkey Surprise

Another Funny Turkey Cartoon

Christmas turkey horror movie
The Secret of Stuffing a Turkey How many cooks does it take to stuff a turkey? Only one, but you REALLY have to squeeze to get him in.
Turkey Pardon

Where's The Christmas Turkey?

I know the wife bought a turkey.  But where on earth did she put the bird? Funny Christmas Turkey Picture Perhaps the question should be: 'Who is the Christmas Turkey?' Whilst the above Christmas turkey picture works if you put either the 'Christmas' or 'Thanksgiving' in the caption; it is not nearly so funny if you substitute 'chicken' for 'turkey'.
How Was the Christmas Turkey for You? We had grandma for Christmas dinner. Really? We had turkey.

Funny Christmas Turkey PicturesDogs eat Christmas turkey

Funny Turkey Pictures

Short Funny Turkey Stories

Six Legged Turkey

An industrious turkey farmer was always experimenting with breeding to perfect a better turkey. His family was fond of the leg portion for dinner and there were never enough legs for everyone. After many frustrating attempts, the farmer was relating the results of his efforts to his friends at the general store get together. 'Well I finally did it! I bred a turkey that has 6 legs!' They all asked the farmer how it tasted. 'I don't know, 'said the farmer, 'I never could catch it!'

Funny Turkey YarnsTurkey slaughter

Talking Turkey A woman called 1-800-322-4337 to find out how long it would take to roast her Christmas turkey. To answer the question, the Talk-Line home economist asked how much the bird weighed. The woman responded, 'How do I know, it's still running around outside.' An Interesting Thought It was Christmas Eve in Tesco and a woman was anxiously searching through the last few remaining turkeys in the hope of finding a large one. In desperation she called over a shop assistant and said,  'Excuse me, do these turkeys get any bigger?' 'No, mam, 'he replied, 'they're all dead.'

Benjamin, Says 'Grace' Before Christmas Lunch

The whole family bowed their heads in preparation. He began his prayer, thanking God for all his friends, naming them one by one. Then he thanked God for Mummy, Daddy, brother, sister, Grannie, Grampy, and all his aunts and uncles. Benjamin then began to thank God for the food. He gave thanks for the turkey, the chipolatas, the cranberry sauce, the bread sauce, the Christmas pudding, the Yule log, the roast potatoes and even the brandy butter. Benjamin paused, and everyone waited .....and waited. After a long silence, he looked up at his mother and asked, 'If I thank God for the Brussels sprouts, won't he know that I'm lying?'
The Secret of Stuffing a Turkey How many cooks does it take to stuff a turkey?  Only one, but you REALLY have to squeeze to get him in.

The Christmas Turkey - A Most Difficult Bird to CookFunny Inflatable Turkey

Martha was away from home on Christmas Day for the first time and she was missing her home and family desperately.  Martha decided to cook a turkey herself, just like her Mum used to, so that she could feel closer to her family. Martha returned home for the New Year celebrations and recounted her experience to her Mum saying, 'Mum. it was so difficult to eat the turkey.' 'Why was that, dear' asked Mum in a concerned way, 'was it not cooked properly?' 'How would I know?' responded Martha, 'it wouldn't sit still.'

Real Questions Asked on the Turkey Cooking Hotline

  1. How long should I cook my turkey on the car's radiator? 45 minutes at Mach 1 should do it!
  2. Is it better to baste my turkey with Castrol or BP engine oil?
  3. Could I leave the giblets in their plastic bag during cooking?
  4. Should I carve my turkey with a 16in Black and Decker, or should I get out my Stihl Electric Chain Saw?
  5. How do I get my Shih Tzu out of the turkey.  (Her dog jumped up on the kitchen table.)

Giant Turkey SparedGiant Turkey Spared

A giant turkey has been spared from the Christmas dinner table after winning a national competition. The bird, called Terence, will spend his life as a breeding stag [tom in the USA] after being rated as the best bronze turkey in the country by the Poultry Club of Great Britain. The three-year-old bird, which weighs 16kg (35lb), is also something of a celebrity after moving from its owner's farm in South Devon to the nearby Woodlands Leisure Park, where he is one of the star attractions. Graveyard Humor What did the mother hen tell her naughty chicks?  If you your father could see you now he would turn in his gravy.

Christmas DivorceJokes for Tuesday

Richard in Boston calls his son in London the week before Christmas and tells him, 'I am sorry to tell you but your mother and I are going to divorcing.  I just cannot take any more of her moaning.  We can't stand the sight of each other any more.'  I am telling first, Richard, because you are the eldest, please tell your sister. When Richard calls his sister Jennifer, she says: 'No way are they getting divorced, I will go over and see them for Christmas.' Jennifer phones here parents and tells them both 'You must NOT get divorced. Promise you won't do anything until I get over there.  I'm calling Richard, and we'll both be there with you tomorrow.  Until then, don't take any action, please listen to me', and hangs up. The father puts down the phone and turns to his wife and says. 'Good news' he says, 'Richard and Jennifer are coming to see us at Christmas and unlike last year, they are each paying their own way.' See another Funny Christmas Turkey PictureThe Presidents' Turkey Pardon

A True Christmas Silly Story

Home alone one Christmas, a Maine woman was in the doghouse when she called the "Butterball Turkey Talk-Line". Apparently found Will and Guy, while preparing the turkey, her Chihuahua jumped into the bird's body cavity and couldn't get out. She tried pulling the dog and shaking the bird, but nothing worked. She and the dog became more and more distraught. After calming the woman down, the Talk-Line home economist suggested carefully cutting the opening in the cavity of the turkey wider. It worked and Maxwell was free. Too silly to make up say Will and Guy.

17 Ways To Cook A Turkey 17 ways to cook a turkey

  1. Go buy a turkey
  2. Take a drink of whisky
  3. Put turkey in the oven
  4. Take another 2 drinks of whisky
  5. Set the degree at 375 ovens
  6. Take 3 more whiskys of drink
  7. Turk the bastey
  8. Whisky another bottle of get
  9. Ponder the meat thermometer
  10. Glass yourself a pour of whisky
  11. Bake the whisky for 4 hours
  12. Take the oven out of the turkey
  13. Floor the turkey up off of the pick
  14. Turk the carvey
  15. Get yourself another scottle of botch
  16. Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
  17. Bless the dinner and pass out

Do Turkeys Love Christmas? Wilbur DoesTurkey Loves Christmas

A turkey has been spared ending up on the dinner plate this Christmas because he is too ugly, Will and Guy have discovered. Wilbur is underweight, has no tail feathers, a misshapen body and walks with a limp. He's the only bird remaining at the pick-your-own turkey farm in Totnes, Devon, England. The turkey is in for a treat this Christmas as Farm owner Peter says he and his wife Jackie plan to keep Wilbur as a pet. Wilbur will become one of the family. 'He might be an ugly old thing,' Peter told us, 'but we think he's lovely.'

Lost Turkey Avoids Christmas ChopTurkey Queenie

A lost turkey has been named after The Great Escape star, Steve McQueen, after it avoided the chop this Christmas.  Queenie was taken to the RSPCA's "Stubbington Ark", near Fareham, Hampshire, England, animal shelter after the creature was seen strolling along a busy road locally. It is unclear whether Queenie escaped from a private coop or a farm. The bird will be ready to be re-homed, with staff insisting Queenie goes to a loving home with no chance of ending up as dinner next Christmas. Will, who lives very close to the Stubbington Ark, has been told by staff that Queenie had settled in well and was fit and healthy. One helper told him, 'After a few checks she will be ready for re-homing but her new owners need a good-sized garden, a run and have experience keeping poultry. Will's wife's cat, Butser, also came from this same animal sanctuary after being rescued as a stray.

Turkey Funnies Turkey Loves Christmas

The turkey is a funny bird Its head goes bobble-bobble; And all he knows is just one word... And that is gobble-gobble.
'Don't assume you're always going to be understood. I wrote in a column that one should put a cup of liquid in the cavity of a turkey when roasting it. Someone wrote me that: "The turkey tasted great, but the plastic cup melted." ' - Heloise.

One More Funny Christmas Turkey Picture

Turkey Funnies We believe this very funny cartoon, which was sent in by Greta, is by Tony Sarrecchia

Tired of Turkey?  Try Camel for Christmas! 17 ways to cook a turkey

Marmaduke (right) has come from Welsh Mountain Zoo  One Bactrian camel certainly did not get the hump this Christmas when he received the perfect present - a new friend. The arrival of Marmaduke the camel at Marwell Zoo, in Hampshire, England, means long-serving resident Wacker is no longer alone. Wacker's keepers' had been trying to find him a companion after Tabitha, his friend of 17 years, passed away.   Welsh Mountain Zoo answered the call and Marmaduke arrived at the zoo near Winchester in time for Christmas.

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