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Thanksgiving Turkey - Eat Pork

Eat Pork

And for those who don't like pork:

Thanksgiving turkey - eat lamb
orThanksgiving turkey - eat beef

Not a Turkey

Turkey - The Real Deal

Turkey or ham?

Turkey Gobble

The turkey is a funny bird
Its head goes bobble-bobble;
And all he
knows is just one word...
And that is GOBBLE-GOBBLE!

The Turkey TrotTurkey Trot

Five little turkeys standing at the door,
One waddled off, and then
there were four.

Four little turkeys sitting near a tree,
One waddled off , and then
there were three.

Three little turkeys with nothing to do,
One waddled off, and then
there were two.

Two little turkeys in the morning sun,
One waddled off, and then there
was one.

One little turkey better run away,
For soon it will be Thanksgiving

The Turkey - A
Most Difficult Bird to Cook

Louise was away from home on
Thanksgiving Day for the first time and she was missing her home and family desperately. Louise
decided to cook a turkey herself, just like her Mum used to, so that she could feel closer to her family.

Louise returned home for the celebrations and recounted her experience to her Mum saying,
'Mum. it was so difficult to eat the turkey.'

'Why was that, dear' asked Mum in a concerned way, 'was it not cooked properly?'

'How would I know?' responded Louise, 'it wouldn't sit still.'
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Another Problem Thanksgiving Turkey

Sarah new young bride calls her mother in tears. She sobs, 'Richard
doesn't appreciate what I do for him.'

'Now, now,' her mother comforted,
'I am sure it was all just a misunderstanding.'

'No, mother, you don't
understand. I bought a frozen turkey roll and he yelled and screamed at me
about the price.'

'Well, the nerve of that lousy cheapskate,' says her mum.  'Those
turkey rolls are only a few dollars.'

'No, mother it wasn't the price of the turkey. It was the aeroplane
ticket.'  "Aeroplane ticket...." What did you need an airplane ticket for?'

'Well mother, when I went to fix it, I looked at the directions on the
package and it said "Prepare from a frozen state," so I flew to Alaska.'

Thanksgiving Day
Celebration in India

Thanksgiving is celebrated the whole world over with equal fervour and
excitement, if not in the same numbers as in the US. Thanksgiving in India
is obviously going to be different from Thanksgiving in the USA. For one
thing, it is nearly impossible to get turkey there, and for another, instead
of the whole nation celebrating with you, only a small handful of Christians
pause to recognise the day.

India is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and a secular country; also
known for its spirituality. With the spread of western culture, Thanksgiving
is celebrated in quite a few parts of India, the major festivity is,
however, observed by Christians in the state of Goa.

Thanksgiving Day Celebration in Goa

Thanksgiving Day in India

Thanksgiving is primarily celebrated in the state of Goa, under a
different name. Thanksgiving is popularly known as 'Ladin' or 'Ladainha' in
India. 'Ladin' literally means a litany to the Virgin Mary. During the
Thanksgiving ritual, people thank God for all their material and spiritual

Christians start preparing for Thanksgiving celebrations by buying wheat
and gram [chickpea/lentils], candles, wine and coloured tinsel paper. A
temporary altar is constructed which is decorated with flowers, vines and
creepers. Celebrations also include singing of hymns and prayers. The local
village choirmaster conducts the entire musical show.

Another celebration associated with Thanksgiving, is the popular
religious feast of conception of Mother Mary. It is a time for farmers to
cut the first harvest of milk-filled corn from the rice fields and offer it
to God. This is done to ask God's blessing for a good harvest in the
approaching season. Though the date of celebrations varies in different
parts of Goa, but generally it is celebrated on the 15th August every year.

An Exotic Thanksgiving Inspired by the Cuisine of India
[Courtesy of
Henry's Farmers Market, California, USA].

Curried Red Lentil Pâté
Naan Bread
crudités: organic carrots, celery, jicama, radishes, red peppers and Wild
Oats Organic Japanese Ginger and Garlic Aioli Refrigerated Dressings for

Entrée and Side Dishes:
Curried Butternut Squash and Coconut Bisque
Roasted Turkey Breast with Garam Masala Rub and Citrus Spice Glaze
Cranberry Apple Chutney
Buttery Smashed Potatoes with Mustard and Garlic
Spinach and Chickpea Sauté
Cooling Yogurt, Cucumber and Mint Salad

Ginger Cheesecake with Mango Lime Sauce

Will and Guy would love to hear from India about what you serve at your
Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving New England Menu

Healthy Tips for
your Turkey from Will and Guy: Healthy tips for cooking your Thanksgiving turkey

Skinless turkey pieces can
be poached in water, wine, and/or broth with herbs and spices added.  This will keep the meat moist and add flavour from the poaching liquid. Since no fat is added, the turkey retains its nutritional benefits.

Steaming is another healthy cooking method and because the turkey is surrounded by steam rather than water, none of the valuable nutrients leach out.

Stir-frying uses very little oil and cooks bite-size
turkey pieces quickly. The vegetables, herbs, spices, and various condiments cooked with the turkey add flavour and provide a healthy, low calorie, low fat dish.

Grilling is becoming one of the most popular
methods of cooking turkey and it is also one of the most healthy. The grilling process allows fat to drip away from the turkey as it cooks, keeping the meat nutritious and flavourful.

Happy ThanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving

In places such as in New Mexico, the history of the turkey goes back at least 800 years. When Cortés invaded Mexico, he discovered the natives kept flocks of turkeys.  Biologists suspect that the
Mesoamerican civilization domesticated the turkey Meleagris gallopavo. This culture developed in the Maya of Belize, Guatemala, and up through Mexico.

All very different from today's celebration of
Thanksgiving with the turkey at center stage.  Or was it?  While the surroundings were completely different, the time of year may have been nearer summer, but I expect the ancients new how to party on

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