Funny Drunk Signs


Sobriety Test

These three words, 'Funny Drunk Signs'
can have several connotations.  Are the signs themselves drunk?
Could they be amusing symptoms of drunkenness?  Or are they funny pictures of
drunken people?  Will and Guy cover all meanings in our collection


Funny Warning Sign: Drunks
in the Road

Silly Drunk Signs

The above picture was taken in Romania of all places.

The background: Pecica in Romania has a vibrant nightlife.  Mayor Antal said:
"We are a border town and have lots of cars thundering through here all the
time. But we also have a very vibrant nightlife and the two don't mix. We
have to target the drivers because by the time they get to this state the
pedestrians are beyond caring."

No Lying on The Floor - No
Drunkenness Poster

No Drunkeness

Talking of ambiguity, 'No lying', could be taken to mean several things.
However, 'No drunkenness' clarifies the context.

Funny Drunkenness SignBooze Badger

Will and Guy have heard that a drunken badger passed out in the middle of
the road near Goslar in Germany.  The badger had been consuming over-ripe
cherries which fermented in his stomach causing him to have diarrhoea as
well as a hangover.

Apparently he staggered into the road where he collapsed and refused to
move when police officers tried to scare him away. Police then had to chase
the boozy badger off the road into a nearby meadow using a yard brush;
there, the inebriate fell asleep again.

Another Funny Drunk Sign
- No Throwing-up!

No Drunkeness

Funny Drunk Signs

I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer:

I drink to make other people interesting.
George Jean Nathan.

The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism
Norman Brenner

Drunks Ahead - Amusing Signboards

Warning Drunks Ahead
No Drinking and Driving

Parking Reserved for Drunks!

Parking Reserved for Drunks

Go Ahead - Drink and Drive!

Funny drink drive sign

Suivez La Piste?

John Windsor was flagged down by a gendarme in the Champs Elysee in
Paris. It was close to midnight and he was on his way back to his
brother-in-law's house in Rue Cler. The truth was inescapable, John was as
drunk as a skunk.

The gendarme signals to him to wind down the window then asks John if he
has been drinking, and with a slurring speech the Englishman replies; 'Yes,
this morning I was at my (hic) daughter's wedding during the banquet I
remember downing two great bottles of wine; a Corbieres, and a Minervois, oh
and (hic)...a sauterne with the cake.' 'Then to finish off during the
celebrations in the evening and my mate Trevor downed a bottle of
Bells whisky.'

Getting impatient the gendarme warns him; 'Do you realize I'm a policeman
and have stopped you for a breathalyser test'?

John, with a grin on his face replies; 'You don't seem to understand that
I'm English, like my car, and that my teetotal wife is sitting in the other
seat, at she's at the wheel - not me!

More Funny Drunk Posters

There Are Drunk Riders, There Are Old Riders.  But....Don't Drink and Drive - Funny Picture

Funny drink drive sign

... There Are No Old Drunk Riders

Beware Drunks on The Roof!

Beware Drunks On The Roof

So it'll be safe to drive on the road!

Please send us your funny drunk signs.

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