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Funny Bicycle Signposts


Sidewalk Ends - Trouble for

Can you imagine what a cyclist says when they reach this sign (below)
- Sidewalk Ends?

funny bike picture - sidewalk ends
Cycle route peters out

Then, just around the corner...

Cyclists dismount and use footpath - FOOTPATH CLOSED

Cyclists dismount and use footpath - FOOTPATH CLOSED

Another Cycle Friendly Path?

Imagine little old grannies
peddling their bikes up that path.

cycle friendly path

Jonathan points out that the sign with a white disc and a red border actually
means that cycling is prohibited.  But Jonathan also points out not many
folks can cycle up, or even down, those stairs!

Welsh Cyclists - Strange But True
Cyclists - Cystitus

A road sign has appeared during August 2006 in road works being carried out in South Wales between Penarth and Cardiff.  To English speakers the sign is quite clear and cyclists are happy to carry out its
instruction to dismount. However, to speakers of the Welsh language, the message is very different.  Welsh speakers
have confirmed to Will that the road sign translates roughly as 'bladder disease has returned.'
You couldn't
make it up.

Officially this vehicle is a cycle, but my friends and I have always call them bikes.

Cycle Obstacle Course - Follow These
Signs!Bike Water Hazard

cycling obstacles - bikers blocked
Bollard brings tears to cyclist's eyes

Recycle A Bicycle!

Recycle a Bike
Recycle a bike

So You Think You've Had A Bad Day Cycling?

Robert Evans, 46, had a really bad day recently, Will and Guy have
learned. Read this short and hilarious [but not for him] account of his day.

Firstly, Mr Evans, from Boulder, Colorado, USA, was knocked down by a car
in a hit-and-run incident and was taken to hospital for his injuries, but
was released later that night only slightly hurt.  Then, as he was
making his way back into town with his bicycle he was hit by a railway train
while crossing a bridge. Luckily he was found alive, in a creek, and taken
to hospital for a second time; once more his injuries were found not to be
life-threatening.Bike Water

This tale of woe does not end there, Will and Guy have established;
because the 50ft long bridge on which Mr Evans was run over by the train
is only wide enough for the train, and is not for use by pedestrians.

Robert Evans, now, to add to all his problems, faces prosecution for
trespassing. You couldn't make it up!

Wheels of
Life - Where Are You?

Wheels of Life - funny picture

Please write to Will and Guy if you have any funny bike

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