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Here is Will and Guy's selection of funny cycle jokes and amusing


Ring That Bell

A tired cyclist stuck his thumb out for a lift. After 3 hours he hadn't got anyone to stop. Eventually, a guy in a sports car pulled over and
offered him a lift but, of course, the bike wouldn't fit in the car. The driver got some rope out of his boot [trunk] and tied it to his bumper. He tied the other end to the bike and told the rider, 'If I go
too fast, ring your bell and I'll slow down.'

Everything went well until another sports car overtook them. The driver forgot all about the cyclist and put his foot down. A short distance down the road, they
hammered through a speed trap. The cop with the radar gun radioed ahead to his colleague that 2 sports cars were heading his way at over 150 mph. He then added, 'And you're not going to believe this - there's a
cyclist behind them ringing his bell to pass.'

Five Funny Clean Cycling Shorts

  1. 'My dog Dennis is a real nuisance,' complained Will.  'He
    chases everyone on a bicycle. What can I do?'
    'Take his bike away,'
    prompted Guy.
  2. I took lessons in bicycle riding.  But I could only afford half of
    them.  Now I can ride a unicycle.
    Cycle Jokes, Stories and Pictures
  3. What is a ghost-proof bicycle?
    One with no spooks in it.
  4. My granny started cycling at 97 years old. She has been doing ten
    miles per day every day ever since - and now we don't know where the
    heck she is!
  5. Mr White was furious when Mattie knocked him down with his new
    bicycle in the school yard.
    'Don't you know how to ride that yet?'
    Mr White roared.
    'Oh yes, s
    ir,' shouted Mattie over his shoulder.
    'It's the bell I can't work yet.'

Cycle Jokes - How I beat Lance Armstrong

'I don't remember you ever beating Lance Armstrong' commented Brian, the journalist. 'When was that?'

'In the seventh stage of the Tour de France in 2002, I beat him over the head with my water bottle -
but he still won the tour!'

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Mexican CyclistCyclist crossing river

A man on a bike, carrying two
saddlebags, was stopped by a guard while crossing the US-Mexican border.  He had rigged up a primitive rope bridge to by-pass the customs control.

'What's in the bags? demanded the guard.
'Sand,' the cyclist answered.
'Take them off. I need to take a look.'
retorted the guard.

The guard emptied the bags and found out they contained nothing but sand. The man reloaded
his bags and continued across the border. A week later, the same man was crossing again with two more bags. The guard demanded to see them, and again they contained nothing but sand. This continued every week
for six months, until one day the cyclist failed to appear. A few days later, that same guard ran into the cyclist in Tijuana.

'Hey, where have you been?' the guard enquired. 'You sure had us wondering. We
knew you were smuggling something across the border. So tell me and I won't say a word. What was it?'

The man smiled broadly and told him the truth, 'Bicycles!'

in Holland: How Supporters Travel to Games

Away Team Supporters On
Their Bikes

Bike Football

Cycle Storage for Home Team Supporters

Cycle Graveyard

So You Think You've Had A Bad Day Cycling?Cyclist Squashed Sign

Robert Evans, 46, had a really bad day recently, Will and Guy have
learned. Read this short and hilarious [but not for him] account of his day.

Firstly, Mr Evans, from Boulder, Colorado, USA, was knocked down by a car
in a hit-and-run incident and was taken to hospital for his injuries, but
was released later that night only slightly hurt.  Then, as he was
making his way back into town with his bicycle he was hit by a railway train
while crossing a bridge.  Luckily he was found alive, in a creek, and taken
to hospital for a second time; once more his injuries were found not to be

This tale of woe does not end there, Will and Guy have established;
because the 50ft long bridge on which Mr Evans was run over by the train
is only wide enough for the train, and is not for use by pedestrians.

Robert Evans, now, to add to all his problems, faces prosecution for
trespassing. You couldn't make it up!

Another Lucky Cyclist

James steps off the curb and into the road without looking and promptly gets
knocked down by a passing cyclist.
'You were really lucky there,' says Dave the cyclist.

'What on earth are you talking about. That really hurt!' exclaims James,
angrily rubbing his head.
'Well, usually I drive a bus!', retorts Dave with a grin.Vicious Cycle

Vicious Cycle

Did you hear about the vampire bicycle that went round biting people's
arms off?

It was a vicious cycle.

What a Way to Spend Your Birthday

A 48-year-old man from San Diego,
California broke the previous world record for stationary cycling by more than 11 hours.  Pete Maisel completed a session that lasted 96 hours, 4 minutes and 8 seconds.  In fact, he spent his 48th birthday with his girlfriend, Wendy Gardiner, but in a different way than previous years.  His goal for the
non-stop peddling was to raise money
for charitable causes and an upcoming bike trek.

What a Way to Spend the Night!

Sleep with your bikeWhat
a Way to Spend the Day!

dirt bike

Meanwhile, the Children Go Shopping                And, the Eldest Son 'Walks' the Dogs3 Dogs on a bike

Cycle Woman and Children

Cheek Never Pays

Alan is in court and standing in front of the magistrates after
trying argue his way out of his speeding ticket.  The magistrates find him guilty, fine him £80 ($150USD) and give him a receipt.

Alan, a bit upset by losing the case, sarcastically asks, 'What am I
supposed to do with this, frame it?'

replies the head magistrate, 'You keep it. Two more and you can get a bicycle.'

Trouble and Strife on Tandem

A man who was riding a tandem was stopped by a police. 'What's the matter officer?', asked the

'Perhaps you didn't notice sir, but your wife fell off your tandem a mile
back . . .'

'Good grief', said the rider - 'I thought I'd gone deaf!'

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