Biscuit City 72,000 Chocolate Digestives, Rich Tea, Hobnobs – PowerPoint Presentation

Created by Chinese artist Song Dong in Selfridges, London in 2006. 72,000 biscuits were used, in total, to construct the 'Biscuit city' including Chocolate Digestives, Rich Tea, Hobnobs and Fruit Shortcakes.


Aerial View of Biscuit City

Biscuit City

Biscuit City - London Bridge

Biscuit City - Bridge

Biscuit City - Paddington Station

Biscuit City - Station

Could that be Canary Wharf in the background?

Biscuit City View

Biscuit City

PowerPoint Presentation - Biscuit City, London

Biscuit City  (Right click Save Target As)

These are the Biscuit City slides in Will and Guy's PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Biscuit City home
  2. Aerial view of city
  3. Spot the bridges
  4. Ooh chocolate
  5. High rise buildings
  6. Skyscrapers
  7. Bridge
  8. More tall buildings
  9. Up and up
  10. Railway Station
  11. Close up of station
  12. Condominiums
  13. Even more chocolate
  14. Soccer stadium
  15. Various buildings
  16. Fine city view

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Crumb-down - Funny Biscuit Story

A Town Hall 'crumb-down' has been ordered because thieving visitors keep stealing the councillors' biscuits. Bosses at Canterbury City Council, Kent, UK, are fighting back by telling staff to hide the tea trolley during meetings to stop people purloining the biccies.

An unnamed council source said, 'People coming to sit in on the meetings see the trolley and just help themselves. They think it is something that the council lays on for free, but the biscuits are for the councillors not members of the public.'

Footnote: Interesting how we always believe an 'Unnamed source', but always never the official spokesman.