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Bad Day at the Office

To err is human. And to blame it on a computer is even more so. Robert Orben

A Bad Day at the Office Video

We have all had them - off days.  Times when nothing goes write, or even right. Hardware faults, application errors, one just follows another. Here is one such bad day at the office, recorded for us to observer and share this computer user's frustration. Will and Guy's Computer Humour - A bad day at the office In fact, you should download the video to eavesdrop on the full story. Will and Guy's Computer Humour - A bad day at the office I will let you into a secret, computing jokes are not amongst the funniest.  This short video is more likely to make you cry than to laugh.  Nevertheless it's worth watching, this bad day will make you feel better.

Video - Bad Day at the Office

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Another Bad Day at the OfficeFunny Bad Day at the Office

Assorted Funny Computing Disasters

Bad Day for Dell - Laptop Bursts into FlamesExploding Laptop - Bad Day

What happened was in the middle of a trade show a Dell laptop burst into flames.  Geeks had claimed for years that their laptops caught fire but nobody believed them - until that fateful trade show.  This was one of the biggest computer disasters of all time. 'We have captured the notebook and have begun investigating the event,' Dell spokeswoman Anne Camden reported at the time, and investigate Dell did. At the end of these investigations the problem was traced to an issue with the battery/power supply on the individual laptop that had overheated and caught fire. It cost a bomb for Dell to sort out.  Eventually, Dell decided to recall and replace 4 million laptop batteries.  Unfortunately, the exploding battery problem did not finish there.  Apple reported dangerous overheating for iPods and Macbooks.   Sony who were the end manufacturer estimated that the overall cost of supporting the recall programmes of Apple and Dell amounted to 200 million dollars.

Problems Are Not Confined to the Computer Hardware. What about the Users?

A woman customer called the Canon computer help desk with a problem with her printer. Tech support: Are you running it under windows? Customer: 'No, my desk is next to the door, but that is a good point.  The man sitting in the cubicle next to me is under a window, and his printer is working fine.'

Solution for a Bad Day at the Office

Bad day office - complaints dept Alternatively, if it's a network problem you could try SolarWinds Orion NPM.

Bad Day for Unix?

A lady in the next seat, struck up a conversation with my friend Mick when he was flying across America. Lady: 'And where are you going?' Mick: 'I'm going to San Francisco to a UNIX convention.' Lady: 'Eunuchs convention? I didn't know there were that many of you.'

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A Funny StoryFunny Computing Story

Have you realised yet that computers are controlling more and more aspects of our lives? It is a genuine concern as this short story tells us. For instance, if you've worked in a modern office building, you've probably come across the ventilation problem: if you get hot, you can't just open the window. You usually have to ask 'building services', often in a call centre on the other side of the world, to turn up the air conditioning via the building's computer system. However, there is a company in New Zealand Will and Guy have been told who might be rethinking their reliance on this type of computer control. Mill St "Pak'n Save Supermarket" in Hamilton, New Zealand was supposed to be closed for Good Friday. However, it seems that no one told the Computer in charge of controlling the shop, meaning that the doors were opened as normal on Friday morning and the lights turned on, but without any staff being at work. Naturally the stock didn't stay on the shelves for long; but most of the "customers" didn't go to the trouble of paying for it, although some did, using the automated checkouts. Will and Guy are beginning to think that maybe it's time to rethink how much power we give to our Computers.

Can You Remove Sand From a Computer?

Sandy Computer

Typist Returning From Long Lay-Off

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