Funny Keyboard Pictures

Funny Keyboard Pictures

I keep hitting the 'Escape' key - but I'm still here.

Press the Right Key?

Here is a change from the old Computer Jokes from Tech Support such as, 'Open a Window', and the coffee cup holder for the CD caddy.  Now make sure that you press the right key to continue ... Computer Jokes - Press any key to continue Keith Gradon, a friend of mine when we both worked at Rolls-Royce in Derby, claimed he had a piano teacher called Ivor E Keys. See more Aptonyms. Will and Guy's Computer JokesProgrammers Last Command As a programmer drowns: He SHOUTS out: 'F1!  F1!!  F1!!'

Press Any Key - And Panic!

Funny Keyboard Pictures

Computer Keyboard Out of Control!Don't Touch

Keyboard out of control Press any key, except the control!

More Funny Computer Keyboard Pictures Bad day at the keyboard

Bad Day At the Keyboard - Users Out of Control

Funny Computer Keyboards
Dear Help Desk My computer keeps telling me that I have an invalid username or password and now my keyboard doesn't work at all.
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Urban Myth Alt Gr means Alternative Grave

Update and corrections supplied by Grant Semmens I am Welsh.  Our language, Cymraeg, has the occasional hat on top of a letter, for example my sister is called Siân.  Now English is one of the few European languages without graves or accents; so it is likely that England is where the urban myth that Alt Gr means Alternative Grave originated.  As Celts, we Welsh are aware that our continental cousins use these extra letters, for example á or é or ó.  My point is that if you need an accented vowel, then either, you need to add letters from the Symbols font - cumbersome, or alternatively, remember that alt 144 means é.  Note this time I mean the left, plain, Alt key and not the right Alt Gr (Confusing isn't it!) From my cousins across the pond in America, I hear that Spanish is big in some neighbourhoods so presumably Spanish Americans occasionally employ accented letters. So in a nutshell, the Alternative Grave myth is wrong.  To prove it, go to the keyboard, hold down the right hand Alt Gr and type a vowel.  Result á é ì ó �.  These characters are actually the acute form of the letter. The grave has the accent sloping the other way è �. Conclusion Alt is indeed an abbreviation of Alternative, however 'Gr' may well stand for Graphics in the sense of special characters such as á é.  Grant has convinced me that Gr has nothing to do with grave as that accent slopes the other way. Funnily enough, Alt Gr only appears on English, English keyboards, and seems absent on American English keyboards. Further Research If you are interested in Diacritics, as these strange symbols are called, navigate this path: Start, Programs,  Accessories, System Tools has a Character map.  Well worth a visit should you wish to check the precise alt + number value of any symbol, not just the graves.  For example â is alt + 0226 (Num Lock On, and press the numeric keyboard value).

Good Night Beloved

Computer good night

The Horror of ' Keyboard error 401' - True Story by Guy Thomas

One day I was running a training course for a Technical support outsourcing company.  At break one of the delegates was on the phone and I could not help overhearing, 'what's the fault again - 'Keyboard error 401 oh dear...' , I whispered tell ' them to plug the keyboard back in.  He put his hand over the phone and said to me, 'shhh, we can get a nice little earner out of this'. Then he said to his customer, 'right we will send an engineer around this afternoon'.   Well I was horrified. With me its often the reverse; I am forever giving free advice. For instance I tell them not to install more domains, so they do not need to spend out on kit for backup domain controllers.  I always look for cost nothing solutions such as load balancing.  For example rather than having a domain controller do everything, move tasks to the under-worked member server.

Funny Website Names

1. Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views at  There is actually another completely unrelated site at See also SolarWinds' Free Exchange Server monitor. 2. A site called 'Who Represents' where you can find the name of the agent that represents a celebrity. Their domain name... wait for it... is 3. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at 4. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at 5. Then of course, there's the Italian Power Generator company... 6. And now, we have the Mole Station Native Nursery, based in New South Wales: 7. If you're looking for computer software, there's always 8. Then, of course, there's these brainless art designers, and their whacky website: 9. Want to holiday in Lake Tahoe? Try their brochure website at See more funny websites Slurls Footnote: Please send us your funny keyboard pictures.

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