1) Phone Gaffe

Will and Guy's Picture humor - Numberless phone This emergency telephone can be found at Holkham Beach in Norfolk, England

2) Game Show Gaffes

  • UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE Bamber Gascoigne: What was Ghandi's first name? Contestant: Goosey, Goosey?
  • THE WEAKEST LINK Anne Robinson: In traffic, what ' J' is where two roads meet? Contestant: Jool carriageway.
  • Anne Robinson: Which Italian city is overlooked by Vesuvius? Contestant: Bombay.
  • Anne Robinson: What insect is commonly found hovering above lakes? Contestant: Crocodiles.
  • Anne Robinson: In olden times,! what were minstrels, travelling entertainers or chocolate salesmen? Contestant: Chocolate salesmen.
  • NATIONAL LOTTERY JET SET Eamonn Holmes: What's the name of the playwright commonly known by the initials G.B.S.? Contestant: William Shakespeare.
  • BBC RADIO NEWCASTLE Paul Wappat: How long did the Six Day War between Egypt and Israel last? Contestant (after long pause): Fourteen days.

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